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With Rift’s expansion, Starfall Prophecy, just a couple of days awa, the question a lot of players are asking themselves is whether or not it is worth making the purchase. The cheapest version comes at a price tag of $39.99, and it is an addition to a previously free game, leading some to question the purchase. Here, we’ll take a look at what changes between free players and those with the expansion, as well as what to expect. It will arm you with the knowledge needed to make the decision.


Rift’s Core Remains Free

The core Rift game remains free to play. This includes all of the raids, dungeons, etc. to date, as well as the base souls. In other words, it comes with years’ worth of content updates, giving thousands of hours of playable content. And none of it requires a single cent to enjoy and take part in.

The additional souls will still come at a cost, available through various packages, but that is there regardless as to if the expansion is purchased or not – they are an entirely separate deal altogether. As such, they don’t really play a role in the decision here.

But what is important to keep in mind is that every player has access to the core content, so you can play with both free players and those that have upgraded – you just can’t join the new stuff with those that have.


New Content Releases

Most of Rift’s updates have historically been geared more towards the end game, or the level cap. This is because getting there is fairly quick, leading to a situation where the majority of the player base is already capped, aside from newer players or those that are extremely casual and really don’t play too often. The expansion brings about a higher level cap, but what is important to note here is that it is only available for those who pay for it – free players will not be able to level up past 65. As such, the new end game ends up being based on level 70 players. And to further push the idea that updates will continue to be based around the new level cap, the expansion has a level booster that lets you instantly level up a character.

Do note, however, that when talking about content, it is not including events. Most events have been available for everyone, whether you’re level 10 or 65. As such, events should continue to be available for everyone. However, things like new dungeons, raids, etc. are unlikely to be created for level 65s, and will all be based around 70.

Making the Choice Later

A great aspect of Rift is that if you’re newer to the game or just haven’t experienced all that it has to offer, you can make the decision of purchasing the expansion down the line. There is no rush to purchase it now, and you can still take part in anything leading up to the latest additions. This means there are still tons of dungeons and raids to do (though they will be considerably easier than they used to be), achievements, areas to explore, zone events, etc. You can play it for as long as you want, and then upon finding a great guild or otherwise deciding you may want to make the move up, it is still available. This is a great way to ensure that you’re not just unlocking content just to have it, and that it is actually going to bring value to your personal play style.


Unlocking Everything

Last but not least, it’s important to understand that the expansion does not unlock everything the game has to offer. There are still numerous souls that must be purchased separately, as well as things like the Patron status for more efficient gaming. The expansion does bring a lot of things with it, but it is not an all-inclusive purchase. That said, if you want to access the new zones, levels, dungeons, etc., it is a necessity. If you are planning to be more casual or just don’t care about being able to access everything, you can do without.

Getting it for Free

If you’ve been playing Rift for a while and want to get the expansion for free, there is a trick, though it can be considered risky: trade for it. While you can not buy it using Credits yet (and may not ever be able to), it is a giftable item. Because of this, you can find another player that is looking to buy $40 (or $60) worth of REX to turn into Platinum and then trade those in return for the expansion. This does rely on the honor system and will depend on who you are dealing with, but it is an option if you have an overabundance of platinum and want to save some real life money.

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