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Just like with any other game, you can get screenshots within Revelation Online. In some, it is built into the game itself, while others require a third-party tool. But where Revelation Online really stands out isn’t in that it offers a way to get the screenshots, but it offers tools to help better perfect the ones you’re going for, opening the doors to getting those perfect pictures you want – all within the game itself!


Opening the Snapshot Mode

In the top left of the game’s window, you can access the “Snapshot” mode, or you can use the hotkey, which is defaulted as Ctrl+9. This opens up a window that gives multiple different options for taking your pictures. Note that none of these are required, and you can always leave them all as the default if you wish, though you can play around as well and go for perfection!


Focus allows you to point your camera at something you want a picture of and manually adjust the focus. For example, you can focus on objects that are far away, right by you, or in the middle. It makes everything else fuzzy, just like a real lens would. And you can adjust this in real-time, so you can ensure your picture is going to be extremely crisp, without a lot of trial and error.


A lot like a real camera, the zoom basically just explodes the image a bit. It is worth noting that all this is doing is what it says – zooming in and out. While it is good for things you can’t get close enough to, it’s best practice to always get up as close as you can to something, rather than using the zoom to make it happen. This will give the best picture quality.

Soft, Ink, and Standard

Each of these options alters the actual color scheme of the picture. This one is hard to explain, but if you mess with it, it’ll make sense. Essentially these can each make the picture look vastly different, and the default one is “Standard.”


Sharpness deals with the fuzziness of things that aren’t really in your focus. By default, images are entirely in focus, so the sharpness affects outside things. If you are taking a picture of your character, for example, and want it to show the background fuzzy, you can do that here. It is also worth noting that the focus option does react in a very similar way.



This option doesn’t make a huge impact on most images. What it does is dull down some colors a bit so that they flow better together. It’s the difference of the “levels” of colors, so to speak. For most images, this won’t be a big deal, but it’s there to mess with regardless.

Character Alignment

This is great for when you want to put your character right in the center of the frame. This will take your camera, regardless of where it is currently pointing, and turn it so that you’re in the middle. After altering shots a while and messing around, this saves a lot of work and ensures you aren’t off center.


Actions allow you to do various emotes for your pictures, such as showing hearts and other things. What it is doing is opening the emote window for easier access.

Restore Balance

Based on repetitive testing, this does not appear to impact anything as of this writing.


A Floating Camera

One of the best parts about this screenshot system is that not only do you get lots of options to get that perfect shot, but the camera is essentially floating. You can use the WASD keys to move around, letting you capture the perfect angle. On top of this, you can also get screenshots that you otherwise would not be able to get, simply by moving the camera where you need it. It is important to note, however, that the camera can not be raised or lowered – just moved around on the horizontal plane. As for the distance, it can go pretty far, but it is easy to get caught up in a box, wall, or other object and have to start the camera movement from the beginning again.

A Solid Offering of Tools

For players that want the ability to take great pictures within the world of Revelation Online, you couldn’t ask for a better suite of tools. Despite being somewhat basic when compared to real high end cameras, the simple fact is that this can do pretty much anything you want – and probably more. And coming from a game that is beautiful and really wants to be shown off, your imagination is really all that will limit you when it comes to flaunting your photography skills. From safe screenshots of mobs from a distance to choosing your own focus and locations, it lends itself to being a very formidable opportunity. All you have to do is go for it!

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