ArcheAge to Soon Get Fresh Start Server

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ArcheAge is going to go through something very few games do this long after their launch: a fresh start server. This is going to open the doors to players getting a new start on the game, setting a level playing field for everyone involved. With its very rocky history, this is set to help reduce the effects of both long-term play in the past, as well as ill-gotten gains. And it’s estimated to be happening in December.


A Rocky Start

Anyone who started playing in the beginning knows just how bad the game became, due to things like exploits and hacks that weren’t fixed through the betas and were still left over from the Korean version of the game. It gave a fairly bad image to a lot of players, and caused a fairly big disruption among the player base. Essentially it was split between those that wanted it fixed (and left after a while since it wasn’t), those who wanted to abuse it, and those who didn’t like what was happening but tried to ignore it the best they could. It was a fairly common thing to feel that the game itself was good, but that its direction was not. After all, most players want an equal game – not one where you are either cheating to keep up or are at a disadvantage due to the others that are.

Over time, these issues were being cleared up. Some players returned, but many did not (some permanently due to the past, some because they got caught up in real life stuff, and others because they just found another game or something else to do with their time). But even so, there is no doubt that the effects of this were long-lasting, even on those that stuck around the entire time. After all, a considerable amount of the exploits and hacks dealt with things that directly affected the market within the game, and those imbalances are extremely difficult to fix.


The Proposed Fresh Start Server

To help alleviate any concerns players may have about the past, as well as to give everyone an equal ground to play from, a fresh start server is coming. This will mean that no land will be claimed, no elite weaponry, etc., and players will need to work their way up from the bottom – as a server. But how this works is also interesting because you can not use an existing account. Instead, you must make a new account, which ensures that you also do not have any lingering bonuses from alts on other servers, as well as most of the bonus codes that could be added. In other words, this truly is a server for a fresh start, as opposed to just being a new one that everyone can join.

Why the New Server?

This new server is planned because of an upcoming update (3.0) that is expected to bring back a lot of existing players, as well as a lot of new ones. And what’s important to note is that due to how political ArcheAge is, joining an existing server makes it a lot harder to make your way to the top – alliances are forged, political influence is in place, and the land is already owned. The same goes for returning to a server you were on in the past, as well, as despite the fact that you were there at one point, things change over time. It is easy to fall behind and be left. The fresh start server is designed to help combat all of this, by allowing new alliances to form, players to find their own footing, snag those perfect plots of land that just aren’t possible to get on the other servers anymore, and have a progressive game without being thrown into what is essentially already a battleground. For a game that works like this, it really is the perfect solution for returning players or new ones. Though if you plan to be a more passive player, joining a different server is probably a better idea, as the progression guilds are already formed and running.


Effects on Other Servers

There is an ongoing theme with games that offer up fresh servers, which is that a lot of players move to them temporarily but don’t stay. Those that are the top of their own servers will usually stick with where they are, but a lot of others – especially those who feel disadvantaged – will generally move so they can start again and hopefully have their reign of power. This does cause some disruptions from time to time on other servers, but for the most part, players are going to want to stick with what they are used to. And leaving behind what you may have worked on for years is a bit hard to do, akin to leaving a game for a new one. As a result, it is safe to say that it will not have a strong impact on existing populations, and instead will foster its very own community.

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