Will Overwatch and StarCraft Have TV Shows? Maybe!

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Skylanders is a popular gaming franchise made into TV show for Netflix, and thanks to the trend of TV, film and gaming crossover we are going to expect TV Shows from Activision Blizzard’s hottest franchises such as Overwatch and StarCraft.


The Warcraft movie has proved it a success to film from a famous online game and Overwatch has also been shooting short videos for its hero promotion. And most importantly players love them! There were questions long time ago after the first video shorts whether Blizzard would make an Overwatch TV Show, and now we see some hope.


A latest interview from BBC had invited Stacey Sher and Nick Van Dyk from Activision Blizzard to talk about the Skylanders Academy online on Netflix and during the interview they said they were considering doing something similar with other games they published like Overwatch and StarCraft. Adding the fact that they have already announced a film to be shot with Call of Duty series, Activision Blizzard might have bigger plans and they are gaining experience for them.


It may be a new way for gaming companies to expand their business with the hot franchises in hand and it is also a good thing for lovers of those games to continue the hype in new ways. Wait for it!

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