Why Guild Wars 2 is a Perfect B2P Example

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MMORPGs come in many shapes and sizes, and with them come various methods of earning income (they do need to pay for development, support, etc., after all). Guild Wars 2 took after the original Guild Wars’ method of being a game you pay for once and get access to forever, and despite being years old at this point, it is still giving a very solid experience to those who give it a try.

Guild Wars 2

The Cash Shop Isn’t Necessary

Here’s the deal… when it comes to cash shops in games, the vast majority of the time, these end up slowly (or quickly, in some cases) moving to a more P2W scenario, where you either buy items to keep up or you get left behind. Some players argue for this system, but most despise it – and for good reason. It destroys the dynamic of working for what you have and your items and progression being a show of skill. In Guild Wars 2, you can ignore the cash shop entirely if you want. It is in no way going to make or break the experience (though it does offer a lot of small items that help in the convenience area, such as slightly faster leveling, infinitely usable gathering tools, and the like). You are just fine even if you don’t ever get a single gem or spend anything in the shop.

Now, it is worth pointing out here that things like legendary items are there for show. Some could argue that the fact you can buy gems and trade them for gold, then use the gold for legendaries would be a P2W system, but that is just a free market at work (rather than ANet selling them) and still isn’t needed. Even without these items, you can do anything the game has to offer – and do it effectively. That’s a great aspect about the gearing system: things are accessible to all players, whether you’re casual or hardcore.

Guild Wars 2

You Can Trade Gems

If you’re up for getting things off the cash shop but do not want to use your cash, you can buy gems right off the market. These are priced based on how many are being bought and sold, so the price varies (and generally moves in an inflation-like trend), but you can buy one at a time if you want. And with these gems, you can keep saving them up until you have enough to buy whatever it is you want – or you can even sell them back for a profit as the price goes up!

This system opens up the ability to get anything off the shop, at your own pace, in a safe and secure method. There’s no third party needed, and you can save up for large items if you want.

The Game is Updated and Has a Supportive Development Team

In a lot of F2P or B2P games, there are few updates and support usually has a lot to be desired. With GW2, not only are there updates around holidays, but other times as well. And to make things better, ANet does something a lot of companies don’t do – they actually spend time in the forums and on other mediums, such as Reddit, making their presence known and giving actual input to requests. Almost any time, you can find active conversations from ANet themselves about things they are looking to change and searching for player input to help make sure they’re taking the right approach. These are huge, because they not only show that the company is listening, but that they are conversing and player opinions actually matter. That’s not to say that every player suggestion gets implemented, but quite a few changes have stemmed from this behavior in the past.

Guild Wars 2

There’s Plenty of Content

Despite the amount of content GW2 has, the number of updates it has had so far, and the amount of time it’s been around, it has only gone through one paid expansion, Heart of Thorns. This is a huge feat, really pushing the concept that when you do make a purchase for something like the expansion, you are going to get your money’s worth – and then some. And even for players that haven’t decided to make the move to the expansion, the original game has hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of play, and it is free at this point. When and if you do make that move to the paid expansion, you can rest assured that you are only going to have to pay once – you won’t be forced to use the cash shop to keep up, you won’t feel left behind, and you are going to be on an equal play level as everyone else. Past that, it is your own skill and determination that determine exactly how your experience plays out. But if the game’s past is any indication if its future, it has a long life left ahead of it!

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