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TERA's latest battleground, Iron Battleground, is vastly different from any of the previous ones. It sort of builds upon the idea of breaking out of the normal cycle of just fighting each other, taking on the sort of role as Kumases in Kumasylum, by transforming players into something else for the fight. In this case, its name refers to what you're put inside – iron tanks. Its general style is that of elimination, where the goal is to eliminate the enemy team, but it does involve a lot of strategy and planning, as opposed to just attacking someone and hoping for the best.

TERA Iron Battleground

Four Separate Tank Types

Iron Battleground takes place almost exclusively within tanks, and there are four different types of tanks that you can choose from, though only three are available at the beginning of the match. The different types, as well as their pros and cons, are as follows:

Power Tank: these are strong, but move fairly slowly. Essentially, they are trading their speed for attack power, which is great against static targets or when you can lead someone, but are weak against those that are constantly moving

Napalm Tank: these are a lot like the Power Tanks, but instead of being strong, they leave an AoE on the ground that will continually do damage to enemies they touch. These are generally better at leading players, being that you get a lengthened attack, as opposed to a one-off shot, but they do less damage as well

TERA Iron Battleground

Speed Tank: these do little damage but are quick at moving and firing. Against highly mobile enemies, these are a great match, though their damage is considerably less than that of a Power Tank. These are the ones most players will chase after at first, being that they’re faster and therefore usually have a bit more survivability than the other options

Ultimate Tank: this one is fast, does a lot of damage, and just really lives up to its name. This will spawn when there are 30 seconds left in the match, and will have a timer at 2:30 that warns of its spawn incoming. If you’re on foot when this pops up, being near the center and snagging this can greatly change the outcome of the game

All in all, this is largely a game of learning your tank. The Speed Tanks are definitely easier to learn with, since they have such great mobility, but as you get better with the others, you may find that one of those fits your play style the best.

Along with the tanks, you can also get into turrets and go on foot with some specialized skills, but the majority of the battle does take place within the tanks for mobility and survivability.

Repair Pylons

Repair Pylons will spawn throughout the battle. If your tank is damaged, you can ram one of these to gain a healing buff on your tank that slowly heals it back up. It is a good idea to go after these once they spawn, even if you do not need them (if none of your other teammates are nearby), so as to keep enemies from being able to get them first. It is also worth noting that these are the only way to heal up tanks, so they do have quite some importance.

TERA Iron Battleground

Winning the Fight

This battle is a bit more tough than most because you are not dealing with normal attacks and things that can actually target enemies. On top of this, most of it is played at quite a distance from one another. As you play it more and get more used to it, you will start to learn how to lead enemies and get a bit better at maneuvering to avoid attacks, but in the beginning, it does have a somewhat steep learning curve. Some rules of thumb to use when in this battle are:

Do not stack with others from your team! The more players there are in one area, the easier it is for enemies to attack multiple at once (even if someone scatters, at least one is bound to go right into their attack radius)

Move more than you fire. The more mobile you are, the harder you are to hit. Be on the defensive much more than on the offensive, as it is fairly easy to destroy the tanks (or be destroyed yourself)

Use terrain to your advantage. There are many cases where you can hide behind a hill or other structure to keep an enemy from being able to hit you. Use this to gain a bit of an edge in that you can attack them and hide behind the structure again to avoid their next hit. This is especially powerful against Power Tanks and turrets

Learn your firing distance. It is hard to put into words exactly how far you can fire, but if you shoot some artillery across the map, you will see that there is a distance where it will just start exploding before hitting the ground/target. Get used to this distance and use it to your advantage

Overall, this is a pretty different fight than normal, and it brings up a new way to play. The more used to it you get, the better you will become!

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