Stormfall: Age of War Review

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Stormfall: Age of War is a free-to-play browser game that challenges players to fortify an army and castle within the Kingdom of Darkshine.


Following the fall of the Stormfall empire, Age of War tasks its players to assume the role of a lord with a name of your choosing to build a large army to do battle with other human challengers, or the AI-controlled Horde of Balur.

Riddled with ensuing chaos all around, the land of Darkshine will be your sole focus, as your mission is reclaiming this conquered empire. As a Lord, you are left completely in charge of your own castle, making it your sole responsibility to upgrade and develop it. This can be further advanced by collecting Ancient Scrolls, which in turn allows the Lord to learn the Dark Arts, leading to several upgrades including new buildings, provide you with beasts to fight foes with and training additional soldier units.


Stormfall: Age of War has some neat features, even as far as the voice-acting within, which is narrated by the often sarcastic Lord Oberon. The top-down Age of Empires-style camera suits the style of the game well, integrated with a handy real-time interface.

Despite varying classes and units for your soldiers, unfortunately you don't actually see the combat taking place. Instead, as with a lot of F2P games, your time will be spent balancing resources in between lengthy periods of waiting time.

It's clear that Stormfall: Age of War is a positive and polished game to play in both PvP and against the AI, and it could be rewarding providing you have the time to commit to it. The problem is, the methodology of the game can also leave you behind in the dust of those who choose to pay. For example, defensive units are not only limited, but are pretty pricey to get your hands on too. Naturally, offensive units are going to defend, that isn't in their job description. So all in all you can often be left vulnerable to attack with any lack of a defensive unit, and this can happen on a regular basis.


Overall, Stormfall Strategy Game for PC and Mac is a fun f2p experience, with an interesting narrative to keep you enticed in the game. It may take a lot of your time to commit to it, but if time and patience are traits you are looking for in a game, then Stormfall is definitely worth checking out.

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