Rift - 3 Tips for New Dimension Builders

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Dimensions have become a fairly large part of Rift for many gamers. They have opened the doors to each player being able to build up their own little pieces of paradise, showing off their creativity and building a world that they enjoy – and others enjoy, too! But it can be a bit daunting to get started out, as you essentially get going with nothing but a dimension key, with no idea of where to start. And that’s what we’re going to look at here! After all, the hardest part is getting up and going.


Snagging Free Dimension Items

The community behind dimension creation is huge – and part of this involves working together. In the game’s chat you will often find players giving away free dimension items, and if you are part of a guild or just have friends, you are likely going to be offered many. On top of this, some can be purchased via the in-game shop or the auction house, but there is one resource that few players tap: special dimensions for free items.

To find these, hit up the Dimensions window and go to “Search.” Here, the key word you want to search for is “free.” Note that not everything in the list is going to be about free items, but you will find plenty that are. For example, “FREE to take” and “Free stuff, please take.” You’ll find these as the names of dimensions. When you enter these, you can pick up any items that are not soulbound to the creator, and then you can take them into your own dimension to set them up how you want. Ideally, this should be your first course of action before buying any items, as they are usually more common ones and it helps greatly save money.


Finding Inspiration

While exploring the world, you will find a lot of things you want to replicate. If you’re having issues finding anything interesting, try taking a list in the Dimensions window again. Here, you are going to target the “Public (All Time)” or “Public (Weekly)” tabs for the dimensions that have been given the most +1 ratings by other players. Now, a couple distinctions here:

• The all time tab may have a lot of dimensions that have gotten a ton of votes but are since left alone and/or pieced apart. As such, pay special attention when you enter to how many pieces have been laid out. The closer it is to the cap, the more items the players have put forth in customizing it

• The weekly tab is usually a great place to go around holidays – for example, Halloween. Players will be promoting their dimensions around these times, which helps get the most popular and unique ones voted up, so be sure to check them out for ideas

Also note that if there is any specific item you are looking for or you want to learn how something was done, you can also ask the player that created the dimension. You will find this under the “Owner” section, making it easy to know who to contact with any questions you might have.

Getting +1 Votes

When you have started getting your dimension together and you are ready to start competing on the charts for some +1s, it is time to let players know! This is another area where your own unique outlook is really going to benefit, as you can do things like events (advertising on the forums or in the game), giveaways, or just let people know about the cool place you want them to check out and give input on. The important thing here is to not spam, and be accepting that there are going to be players that have zero interest in going in – not everyone is into the whole building side of the game.


Being Courteous Pays Off

Be courteous to other players, and always pay it forward. If you take dimension items from one of the freebie ones, consider passing off items you don’t need to others. Do not ever take things solely to sell them – only to use. It is a very trust-based system, but it fares best when most players are all working together for the betterment of the whole.

If you are running out of ideas on what to do with your dimension, you will almost always find players within chat that are willing to give input where they can. This is also a powerful tool for getting more items that you may need, as chat is where people will usually announce when they have a lot of items they are looking to get rid of. For this reason, while there are a lot that disable “Level 1-29” chat for various reasons, it is a good idea to follow it – even if you don’t really take part much – for dimension-related information that may be useful. And above all, have fun!

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