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One of the first features you come across when playing Revelation Online is quite unexpected: the ability to automatically path. Despite some other games having a similar system, this one really takes the cake when it comes to just how efficient it is. Arguably, this is the best auto pathing system I have seen so far, and it adds a lot to the quality of life of gamers, cutting out a decent amount of work you’d otherwise have to put in for tedious tasks, like exploring and speaking to NPCs.

Revelation Online Automatic Pathing

Pathing to Quest Objectives

When you get your first quests, they appear to be like those in other games: you are told what to do, followed by a link to the objective itself. This part is not abnormal in the least, but normally this would simply lead to opening up the map to show the location of your objective. In Revelation Online, however, this serves a different purpose: as soon as you click one of the objective links, you are not simply told where to go, but you instantly see the computer take over your character to help lead you there. Great, you think… you can save some time by not having to run around, which makes questing a lot more bearable and allows you to deal with other stuff while you travel from one area to another (which is immensely useful when you are being sent back and forth across long paths to complete something or speak to someone). And with most games, the automatic pathing has issues, so it was time to take it for a test drive – and learn unexpected things along the way.

Revelation Online Automatic Pathing

Testing Automatic Pathing

The big issue with pathing automatically in most games is that it can’t always figure out how to get somewhere. It may get stuck on terrain, or simply have no idea how to get somewhere based on your current location. As such, it is usually a fairly hit and miss situation, where you just hope for the best and let it do its thing the best it can. Testing out how it works in RO involves setting it to take you somewhere from various other locations to see just how it works. Normally, it would just create a path from right where you are in others, sort of like a GPS, but with RO, it actually appears to use a sort of pre-made street method, so to speak. For example, you may want to run somewhere to the south and see that it takes you north or east first, then stops, and then takes you down a path. If you then deviate from that path and set it to auto run again, you will see it pop right back to the same one it was using before. Not only is this highly efficient, as it helps greatly eliminate complications due to terrain, but it is also a lot safer. Paths can be created within the game that avoid, for example, tough mobs or aggressive ones, so that you are not pulling a lot of enemies while you are not paying attention. That said, it does get a little confusing sometimes when it is trying to lock on to its starting position to get going, but you learn to enjoy it.

Revelation Online Automatic Pathing

Pathing Also Starts Tasks!

Here is where it really shines: when you are doing a task, say attacking a mob or speaking to a NPC, it will automatically start that task when it gets to its location. So if you need to speak to a NPC and let it go by itself, it will run you to that NPC and start up the dialogue. You do still have to complete it on your own, but it takes out some of the clicks that would otherwise have to be made. In the case of fighting, it also often attacks the target, making this easier as well (for some things, like an early quest to attack a training dummy). These may not have a huge impact on how long things take to complete, but they reduce the clicks and tedious requirement of going from quest to quest and doing everything. At the same time, you still get all the enjoyment of the lore, as well as the ability to play how you want.

Why It’s So Awesome

If you haven’t played a game with automatic pathing, it’s awesome because it lets you take care of other stuff while you slowly make your way to the next area. If you have to take a 5 minute run somewhere, for example, this gives all that time to go take a short break and still be able to continue on when you return. Or if you want to eat a snack or watch something on TV while you’re playing, this gives tons of opportunities to do so. And because it is so efficient here, it isn’t even a situation where you just get annoyed and stop using it – the only problem is it’s easy to become used to and dependent on.

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