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With Rift’s expansion just around the corner, more and more gamers are coming to the game as a fresh player or are returning since it went F2P. A very common question is regarding the Patron status and whether or not it is worth getting. I want to preface this by stating that the game is free to play, and you can absolutely experience everything while free. Along with this, while I am looking at the benefits of obtaining the Patron status, it’s important to remember your own financial well-being as well. As such, this is going to be more of an overview of why you might want it, as opposed to being a decision maker for you. So let’s dig in!

Rift Patron Status

The Cost

First off, there are two different ways to obtain Patron status: buy it with real money or buy it using Credits (obtained through REX or left over from other purchases you may have made in the past).

If you’re using Credits, open up the Rift Store in the game and hit up the “Services” section. Here, you will find 15-day and 30-day Patron passes. The best value would be the 30-day, weighing in at 2,400 Credits (or 2,160 for those that are already Patron).

When paying via cash, there are different packages to choose from, much like other subscription-based games:

• 1 month: $14.99

• 3 month: $40.47 (13.49/month)

• 6 month: $71.94 (11.99/month)

• 12 month: $131.88 (10.99/month)

Do note, however, that the total of costs of each package are charged up-front, not on a monthly basis (other than the 1 month).

Rift Patron Status

The Major Benefits

There are tons of benefits that can be listed, but what I want to focus on are the most important ones that help make this worth snagging for most players. You can find a full list in the game, but here’s what you need to know:

• You will save tons of platinum. No soul mending is needed (which is also a convenience), you can use a map from anywhere, and more gold drops off mobs. You also get 50% off of listing and commission fees in the auction house

• You level much faster. PvP experience is boosted by 40%, as is everything else. This also works for Planar Attunement once you have already hit the level cap, letting you progress through that much more quickly as well. And you earn rested experience when offline, giving boosts on a daily basis!

• Loyalty and Affinity are both given on a regular basis, giving you more exclusive rewards, including things like mounts, dream orbs, and many other items that will help you on your journey. Note that both of these are considered as more long-term things to go for, rather than short-term, though you can still get rewards even with just doing a month of subscription time

• If you happen to buy a lot of items in the Rift store, there’s a 10% reduction in costs, which can add up quickly

• You get a 40% bonus on dungeon, raid, etc. currencies, which makes it much faster to gear up. If you’re playing and trying to get into (and complete) all of the end-game content, this will essentially let you do so 50% more quickly – especially when you factor in things like weekly cooldowns and such

• Faster mount speed (+10%) and faster mounting (+25%) are a great help in pretty much anything you do, whether you’re in PvP or PvE. The time savings is substantial over a few weeks or months

• Weekly bonus charges and a higher limit of storing them. Instead of having to log in once per day to knock out things like your daily dungeon and warfront quests, you can let them stack up for a few days and knock them all out at once. Along with this, they regenerate faster, giving even more rewards

There are many other things that are included in this, but the general idea behind it, as you can see, is that it makes the entire game a lot easier to move through, grants a ton of convenience boosts, and even speeds up progression above and beyond what you could do without it (for example, if you’re doing all of the raids each week with Patron and someone else isn’t, you will be progressing 50% faster than them, excluding drops from the bosses themselves).

Rift Patron Status

Is There Value?

If you want to put money into the game to work through the Loyalty system or just want a much better experience, there is absolutely value. The big question is going to be in whether or not the cost is something you want to deal with – a lot of players have issues with this, being that the game is noted as “free to play.” But there are always two big things to keep in mind when thinking about this:

• You can have breaks in between subscription periods. You can do it a month at a time and spread them out, for example, when you aren’t working on progression

• You can still make it to and through end-game content without it. It will take longer, definitely, but for some, this can also be a fun challenge!

And if you want to get into it for free, the estimated cost breakdown of keeping up Patron using REX is around 130-150 platinum per day. Not easy for most, but definitely doable.

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