Guild Wars 2 Halloween Event Gets an Extension

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While Halloween, as a holiday, is already over, the event being held within the Guild Wars 2 world is not. Players have been looking for a definitive answer as to when the event would be ending – being that many are trying to get rewards and want to prepare accordingly – but up until recently, ArenaNet was hesitant to give a reply. Considering most games give dates at the same time they launch their events, this led to a lot of confusion among the game’s community, and a lot of speculation that it would be ending on the 1st of November. Though that date has come and gone already, Gaile Gray has since given a response as to when it is going to be ending, as well as a bit of information as to why a date was not given prior to now. While it is not a perfect solution, it does help give at least a little insight, despite having sparked a lot of controversy within the game’s community as to how this was all handled.

Guild Wars 2 Halloween Event

Gaile’s Response

Gaile’s response to the situation was fairly short and to the point, stating: “There are a lot of working parts in a game, and things can interweave. Festivals are only part of what we're offering, what we're working on, what we're releasing. So sometimes, giving an end date is not possible, when looking at the Big Picture(tm).” Some players have taken this as a chance to question why other things are taking so long, and there has been a fairly large amount of criticism for waiting this long to even answer, leaving people with no option for planning around the event to ensure that they can accomplish everything they wanted to do. But there is some silver lining to all of this, which is that it has been extended (or, rather, is not closing out) until November the 8th. If you’re still trying to snag some items or take part in any of the Halloween content, this gives almost a week to do so – and this answer is definitive, rather than speculative.

Guild Wars 2 Halloween Event

Rehashing Old Content

Probably the biggest issue with this situation is that the event this year is no different than in the past. It is essentially the same event we have had in the past, which leads to the question of why it almost seems like they are pushing it off as being this huge change. If you are a new player that has never taken part, this is definitely worth doing, but for those that have been playing since the game’s release, there’s just not a lot to it anymore. That isn’t to say that it isn’t fun and there’s nothing in there worth taking part in, but rather that at the end of the day, it no longer has that fresh and new feeling – it’s something we can already count on year after year, and once you’ve done everything, it gets fairly repetitive. Outside of getting some items you didn’t have before, taking part in things like Simon Says, or knocking out some achievements you may have missed in the prior events, the event is somewhat useless at this point for existing players.

The reason why the rehashing content is so important is not even just because it’s old for players that have been around, but because the delay in getting out an end date seems to be tied in with the event itself – and other things it ties into – being a lot more difficult than simply starting and stopping. But when this has already been done multiple times in the past with no discernable problems (for us players), it just doesn’t sit right with most, which is where the questions have been stemming from. Were it to have been greatly expanded and brought about a lot of new systems that can be problematic, it would be completely different. But at the end of the day, not only have the players already dealt with this multiple times, but the development team as well. Instead, many feel that this is a sign of communication issues in the game’s development team, leading to no ETA until what is essentially the last minute.

Guild Wars 2 Halloween Event

Take Advantage of the Extra Time

If you haven’t already gone through and gotten any goodies you may want, as well as the achievements (if you are into that sort of thing), now is a perfect time to do it. This extended period will help cut down on the amount you will need to do the next time around, and while there is a lot of controversy around all of this, the fact is that the event is here and the content can still be done. Hopefully next year things will run a lot more smoothly so that players who might not have a lot of time can plan accordingly, rather than having to schedule around and rush through things to ensure they get it done in time.

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