TERA - Introduction of New Flying Dragon Mounts

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TERA has recently added some new mounts to their online store, in the form of flying dragons. For players that want to traverse the world in style, these are a ferocious way to do so. But what really makes them useful is not even limited to just being able to fly around – they also have passive skills that benefit you throughout the game. So let’s take a look at the new flying dragon mounts that were added, as well as what they can do for you.

TERA New Flying Dragon Mounts

Ironhide and Crimsonhide

These two dragons can be purchased directly in the store. They are bound to account, rather than to specific characters, so while you are not able to trade them to other players, you are able to swap them between your characters. As such, even if you play multiple different characters and classes, you can be sure that a single mount will always be good enough – just keep swapping back and forth as needed.

Along with being able to take to the skies for exploring, as well as granting faster movement speed, these also have a benefit of healing your HP and MP by 1% of your maximums per second. Essentially, these can fully heal you in about a minute and a half, which may not seem like much, but it is a pretty nice quality of life boost that also saves money on things like potions.

Royal Iron Dragon and Royal Crimson Dragon

The Royal Iron Dragon and Royal Crimson Dragon can be considered as the premium versions of the new mounts. These go above and beyond the Ironhide and Crimsonhide ones when it comes to their benefits, but also come at a higher cost. First of all, neither of these can be purchased directly from the store. Instead, they are obtained through purchasing new loot boxes. There is one for each of these new premium dragons: Royal Crimson Dragonlord Box and Royal Iron Dragon Loot Box. Depending on which one you wish to chase, you will need to pick the appropriate one. Also note that these come as a low (generally rare) chance of dropping the mount. Other things you may get include a guaranteed instance reset scroll and the possibility of things like alkahests or spellbinds.

TERA New Flying Dragon Mounts

The second downside to these is that they are bound to specific characters, so if you want one for more than one character, you will have to buy enough loot boxes to luck out and get enough to cover one for each character you want it on. That said, their benefits are much greater than the ones you can buy outright directly from the store, including:

• Flight and movement speeds of 290

• They will restore 2% of your maximum HP and MP per second (fully healing you in under a minute)

• They increase the ground movement speed of nearby party member mounts by 10

• They give a passive skill called Draconic Rex, which grants a chance to double your Crit Power

It is also worth noting that the skill book these come from is tradable. So if you want one but do not want to play the lottery, you can also check out the auction house to see if there are any available there. As of this writing, there are plenty available, but they come at a hefty cost.

The Costs of the Dragons

Purchasing either Ironhide or Crimsonhide from the TERA Store runs 4,995 EMP for regular price and 3,995 for Elite players. The two loot boxes for the Royal Iron Dragon and Royal Crimson Dragon run 250 EMP each. As for the cost of snagging one of these two rare dragons off the trade broker, as of this writing, they are going for 370k+ gold a piece, a somewhat hefty cost but high due to the fact that you can get a dragon on your first box or go hundreds and never obtain it.

TERA New Flying Dragon Mounts

Are They Worth It?

Arguably, being able to fly around the world of TERA has its benefits. That said, there are other flying mounts as well, that come at a lower price (such as the Airy Porker, at 2,995 EMP, a 25% discount from that of the new dragons for Elite players). But when it comes to the benefits from the two Royal mounts, they do bring a lot to the table. The increased mounted run speed for all party members helps get around faster, the faster health and mana regeneration speed means less downtime, the 290 movement speed is slightly better than most other mounts, and the fact that it can double your Crit Power makes things a lot different when in battle. Overall, the quality of life improvements are absolutely there if you play the game a lot and want to be the best you possibly can. Not to mention… who doesn’t love scary, ferocious dragons? But at the same time, these are absolutely not a necessity by any means, and you can make do just fine without them.

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