Echo of Soul and The Almost Free Welcome Package

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To help jumpstart players in the Echo of Soul game world, there is now a “Free Welcome Package” available. This item comes with many items that are useful for new players, granting a huge quality of life boost to those that are just getting started out. But while the package itself is free, obtaining it is not. That said, it is still definitely worth taking a look at, so let’s dive in!

Echo of Soul

The Included Items

The Free Welcome Package is an item that includes many different items. These include:


• +5 Lucid Ruby

• +5 Lucid Topaz

• +5 Lucid Sapphire

• +5 Lucid Onyx

• +5 Lucid Emerald

• +5 Lucid Peridot

• +5 Lucid Amethyst

• +5 Lucid Jewel Box

Magic Lamp Repair Kit

The Magic Lamp Repair Kit is required for finishing a quest in the game called “School of Hard Knocks.” Once this is completed, the rewards it gives include:

• 1x School Uniform Costume Piece

• 1x Magic Lamp

• 1x Average Bag

• 5x Njord’s Blessing

• 5x Edun’s Blessing

• 1x Appraiser’s Lens

• 2x Server Loudspeaker

• 1x Levina’s Blessing – 2 Hours

• 1x Safeguard

• 2x Appraiser’s Pouch

• 2x Hourglass – 1 Day

Other Items

• 1x Amnesia

• 400x Magic Eggs

• 2x Average Bag

• Brown Stallion mount

It is stated that this package is worth over 7,000 Aeria Points altogether.

Echo of Soul

How to Obtain It

While this package itself is free, to obtain it, you must do a couple of things within the game. First off, you need to make a purchase of Aeria Points for the first time (if you have already done this, you will not be eligible for the special package). Then, you must spend at least 1 Aeria Point within the game or on the website, on any item you wish. Once both of these have been fulfilled, the next day, you will receive the items of the package directly in your in-game event tab. Note that all items that come with this package are barred from being traded, so you are not able to sell them.

The Cheapest Path to Obtain It

If you are going for this special package and you want the cheapest way possible to get it, here is what you want to do.

First off is obtaining the Aeria Points. The cheapest package available (assuming that you are only buying them to be eligible for this and are not planning to make many purchases) is $2.00, for 200 AP. That is the smallest package, regardless of the payment method used. If you plan to keep doing more purchases, however, the PayPal Recurring is the best deal, where $50.00 can get you 7,750 AP. That said, you can also go with the cheapest first and the more expensive one later on should you choose to do so.

Echo of Soul

The next thing you are doing is actually purchasing something within the game’s store. Now, the first item you come across here that is around the 200 AP mark is likely going to be the Magic Lamp Repair Kit. DO NOT BUY THIS! You will be getting this from the Free Welcome Package, and you can only do the quest once. Instead, head to the shop’s “Convenience” tab. Here, you will find tons of cheap items you can pick from. The cheapest items here are going to be the following (all of which are 19 AP each):

• Area Loudspeaker

• Remote Storage

• Remote Marketplace

• Remote Merchant

Just purchasing one of these will make you eligible for the welcome package.

Now, if you wish to go for one of the special mounts instead, you can take a chance with a Magic Lamp. The Spooky Magic Lamp is the one that is being sold as of this writing, and it gives a chance to get the Jellyfish pets, Succubus and Incubus costumes, Primal Raptor mounts, and other items. This will use up almost the entire amount of the cheap AP, though, costing 149. But you can mix this with two items on the list above as well.

Is it Worth Doing?

If you’re on an account that has never purchased Aeria Points on the shop before and you play the game a lot, there is a lot of value here. Even though you may not agree that it is worth the equivalent of $50.00 (in that it is stated as being 7k AP), the cheapest package essentially runs $2.00, and gives everything in the Free Welcome Package, as well as whatever you choose to spend the 200 AP on. There is absolutely nothing that is essential in it, and you can get along with the game just fine without ever making any purchases, but this is a pack that grants a big enough quality of life increase to safely say it is worth a lot more than it is costing – even if you just want a couple of the items. Just make sure you follow both of the rules to ensure you do receive the welcome package. Also, ensure that it is still available. More information can be found right here!

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