GW2 Opens the Doors to Expanding Material Storage

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In pretty much any game, item storage is fairly limited. With Guild Wars 2, it is compounded by the massive amount of items, including materials, that can be obtained while exploring and completing the game’s content. While a material storage system was there from the beginning, allowing you to deposit your materials into a separate tab – such that it does not impact your bag or bank space – it has not really kept up over the vast number of updates that have been made to the game. To help alleviate the issues here and offer up some quality of life changes, the Guild Wars 2 development team has opened the doors to discussing what should be added to the material storage capabilities.


Items Not Being Considered

There are only three set rules when it comes to items that may or may not be considered when it comes to suggestions:

• No crafted components. It has been stated that there are just far too many of these to add to the system, though it was also mentioned that there may be some specific things in this category that may be added (but no actual examples have been given yet)

• No keys

• No items that are solely for the purpose of salvaging them into other items. “Lumps of Raw Ambrite” were given as an example of this one, but there are many others. For these items, being that they are there solely to be broken down, it was said to just use them for their intended purpose – break them down and then add those materials to the material storage

While the first grouping here that is not being considered is a little annoying for a lot of players (many players, myself included, enjoy keeping our inventories as tidy as possible, and that means filtering off whatever we can so that we have the maximum open slots possible), something that would go a long way towards fixing this would be a completely separate tab solely for the crafted components. You can already do crafting based on what you have stored, so why not a new tab that you can throw these into, like the material storage but just for these items? Perfect solution and a great quality of life improvement.

As of yet, only one thing has been confirmed as being added to the material storage: Blade Shards. That said, many things have been shot down, such as a request to make level 80 food and drinks storable. And some items are on the “maybe” list, such as Chak Eggs, Blood Rubies, and Petrified Wood.


Getting Involved

If you’re wanting to help make your input known and help change the way item storage is handled within Guild Wars 2, the open forum is your opportunity to do just that! Check out the thread right here. In here, be sure to keep these things in mind:

The requests are based on materials that should be added, not just random items you do not wish to store in your bank or bags anymore. Potions, Tomes, boosters, and things like that are not going to be added, regardless of the number of requests to do so. The best way to determine if something will be added is to see if it is in a crafting or Mystic Forge recipe. If it is, and it is not storable already, toss it in the request list!

Create your own lists and add them, even if the items have already been mentioned by other players. While it is not confirmed, the addition by each player is likely taken as a vote, so it will more than likely impact the chances of being added. A great way to come up with more ideas, aside from off the top of your head or based on items you are currently hoarding, is to look at the other pages of the thread and see what suggestions others have put forth. If you like it, add it to yours as well



This change that will be coming to the material deposit system does not currently have a timeline set. It is still very much in the air, and the discussion started not too long ago, so it is safe to assume that it will be a while before anything actually comes of it (due to collecting more responses, analyzing them, making changes to the game, pushing changes out with a patch, etc.). As such, if you want to keep contributing to this discussion, definitely keep an eye out as you are playing the game and note things you think should be added, and toss them in the thread every once in a while. And keep in mind that Guild Wars 2 is very much a growing game, with new patches, updates, and additions coming all the time – this discussion will more than likely last in perpetuity, as the game will continually get new things that are relevant.

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