Rift - What to Do While Waiting for Starfall Prophecy

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With RIFT: Starfall Prophecy just a few weeks away (officially stated as being released on November 16th, 2016), many players are in a state of limbo when it comes to what to do while waiting for it to come out. Luckily, there are many things you can do right now to prepare for the release, ensuring all of your characters are ready to rock on its release date.

Rift Starfall Prophecy

Finish Leveling All Classes

This is the perfect time to start working on classes you might not already have leveled up. For example, if you have a Warrior and nothing else, start a Mage, Cleric, Rogue, and (if you can) Primalist. There is still plenty of time to get all of them to 65, and that will be a great benefit when it comes to having even more options in how you play going forward. Do note that there are instant level 65 boosts included with the Starfall Prophecy expansion options, but leveling will help better get a grasp on how the classes work, and that has a lot of value in itself.

Another benefit here is that you do not need to worry about gear at all. Even the best raid items will be obsolete within the new content, so getting to 65, even without any gear or good items, will get you started on the new stuff. Things like raiding, expert dungeons, etc. have no real value at this time unless you’re just bored and want to help others or want achievements. But for their currencies, skip them.

Work On Crafts

If you haven’t already capped all of the crafting professions, this is a perfect time to do so. You won’t need all of the obscure recipes, either, since new, upgraded ones will be coming with the expansion. Just do what it takes to get to the top as cheaply as possible and you will have a head start when it comes to the new content and being able to utilize all of the new recipes for profit and personal use.

Materials also won’t be a huge necessity at this time, being that new ones will come with the new zones, so don’t buy more than you need to get the crafts leveled up.

Rift Starfall Prophecy

Clean Up Your Inventory

There are undoubtedly a lot of items in your bank and inventory that just aren’t going to be needed anymore. Old materials, recipes, etc. are all going to be worthless soon enough, so sell them off or give them away. You absolutely want to get space opened up before jumping into the Starfall Prophecy content – nothing is more annoying than trying to get involved in the latest and greatest additions when you’re trying to fight with micro-managing inventories. Deal with it now, upgrade and unlock more bag slots, and get ready with the most minimalistic inventory you can. It will be a huge quality of life improvement later.

Work On Achievements and Artifacts

There are two things that are only expanded upon, and not removed: artifacts and achievements. If you are a completionists that wants one or both of these, now is the time to work towards them. Since there’s no other progression worth going for, these two are a solid place to spend some time. And the best part is you will learn more about the game’s world than you already did! And some achievements and artifact sets come with awesome little bonuses, making them well worth going after. These will all be on a case by case basis, though.

Rift Starfall Prophecy

Build a Dimension

Dimensions are a large part of what makes RIFT unique. They allow you to build various scenes in the way your visions direct you, letting you build pretty much anything you can think of – and more. From Halloween and Christmas themed areas to things like jumping puzzles, mazes, and just random fun areas, you can do anything you put your mind to. This is another area that is likely not going to be phased out, and instead just gets built upon continually. This makes it a perfect way to spend some extra time. Let your creativity shine, show off your dimension, and build upon it as time goes on and new dimension items are released. And if you don’t have enough dimension items to make what you’re looking for, ask around in chat – there are many players who have opened up theirs for anyone to take what they need. Just make sure you give back, too!

Playing Patient

Now that the expansion’s release date is known, it’s normal to be anxious. Just take it slow, deal with things in the game that are not going to be affected negatively by the new content (such as things like farming great gear), and take in what the game has to offer. There is so much to experience that even if you have played for years, you still haven’t seen it all. And now is the perfect time to work your way through that!

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