Escape From Tarkov Screens Shows off New Improvements

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Developer Battlestate Games has published the first of two packs of screenshots featuring the enhanced graphics in their upcoming FPS/MMO Escape From Tarkov. Since its Closed Alpha launch, the game is being constantly improved in anticipation of its soon-to-come Beta testing phase.


Battlestate Games is working diligently on several important items, such as, large-scale online testing and performance optimization. Upon release, Escape From Tarkov will feature massive upgrades to its visuals, courtesy of significant engine upgrades, which will make the game's graphics even more lifelike than before.

Key graphical changes include

  • Improved shaders with added Physically Based Rendering (PBR) features
  • Ambient light portals (improved indoor lighting)
  • Complete and improved sky lighting in full daylight cycle
  • New Screen Space Ambient Occlusion
  • Contact Ambient Obscurance
  • New tone mapping
  • Eye adaptation
  • Improved SSR (screen space reflections)
  • New color correction
  • Reworked and improved most of the materials and textures of characters, weapons, and objects
  • Optimized terrain and vegetation


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