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Omega Zodiac is one of the better browser-based MMORPGs out there, with pleasing visuals, a likable play style and endless hours of fun. We decided to ask a few questions from the talented crew behind this complex MMORPG that arrived not long ago, in August.

1. Please tell us a bit about yourself and about this amazing new browser-based MMORPG, Omega Zodiac.

The game’s overall objective is pretty simple: we need to save the Goddess Athena. It’s a journey for the Zodiac Warriors to become stronger and stronger.  Plus, there are countless Dungeons to explore and conquer. I consider the background story pretty solid, we tried to make it as attractive as possible. Also, the character of Athena, the Zodiac Warriors and the intense search for the Sacred Sets gives the entire game a special charm. We want players to feel that they’re in a completely different world.

This is an ARPG game with a semi-auto function. After a certain level, players can get higher levels mostly through the auto-fight mode. However, players need to operate it themselves or cooperate with teammates to conquer the difficult dungeons or PVP battles.

2. Omega Zodiac has been released not so long ago, how do you see the current state of the game?

The game was just officially online about one month ago. There are two different things we’ve observed at the moment. Firstly, the game seems to have much more player activity than expected, and they seem to enjoy the game a lot, which is great! We’re getting more and more people on our Facebook fanpage! Since there are so many players, we had to increase the bandwidth so everyone could play without server issues or lag. Secondly, the Sacred Set system also has had awesome feedback. Players seem very interested in them and start lots of different debates on both the types of sets and the different classes in the game.

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