TERA Spellbound - Reviving Kaprima and Sky Cruiser

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With the upcoming update to TERA: Spellbound, a couple of old dungeons are being refreshed, bringing about a new experience, as well as some new item drops. The two that are coming back to life are Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard) and Vault of Kaprima. The goal behind this is to help give some more enjoyment from these two dungeons, while at the same time bringing about a fresh challenge – even to those who are extremely familiar with the old implementations of each of these.

TERA Spellbound

Two Sets of New Gear

Guild gear is a new set of Tier 10 items that drops from the Vault of Kaprima. Ambush gear is a new set of Tier 11 items that has some drops in Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard), which offers up the chest and hand designs, as well as one of the materials that is needed to craft the new Ambush gear. As such, Sky Cruiser Endeavor is the one you want to go to when you’re ready for the better gear set.

There are also some new accessories, Manorborne and Manorguest types, as well as Estateborne and Estateguest types, which are coming with each of the returning dungeons.

New Crafting Materials

Eau d’Fascination is a new material for crafting Ambush gear, and it is found within Sky Cruiser Endeavor. As for the rest of the materials, they must be found in one of the two new dungeons that are coming out with the update or can be bought through the use of Killing Spree and Bellicarium Credits. Essentially, this is a slight crossover between the PvP and PvE aspects of TERA, giving an option in how you want to obtain the materials, but leading to the same end result – new gear!

TERA Spellbound

Giving New Life

An ongoing issue with a lot of games is that as new levels, gear, and dungeons are released, the older ones start to lose their value. The items they drop are no longer viable for use, and therefore they have very little utility for players that are looking to progress through the game and get prepared for things like end-game PvP, dungeons, and raiding. After all, the big reason for doing dungeons is to work on getting better items through drops and currencies.

Through this refresh, TERA is breathing new life back into these two dungeons, helping repurpose them a bit for the community to take part in, enjoy, and get some added benefits from once again. This is especially beneficial to those who have never taken part in either of the other versions, and helps show that new content can still be created from the base of the old. These dungeons are going to be more challenging than their older counterparts, as well, so even if you have run them until you can do them with your eyes closed, there is still going to be a challenge awaiting.

TERA Spellbound

The Second Revival of Kaprima

For those who were around in later half of 2015, Fane of Kaprima had actually come back in the form of an event called “Revenge of Kaprima.” During the event and re-release of the dungeon, the boss was made stronger than ever and was given some better loot to help give a reason to take part in it – in this case, it was the addition of the Devastator set, Unsteel weapon fragments, and broken Unsteel armor plates. While the dungeon did not stay permanently past this event, it was an awesome experience for those who enjoyed the original and wanted to run it again. And now, with its second revival, this chance is being given again, with yet another more challenging battle ahead.

The Future of Kaprima

At this point, it is hard to tell whether or not the refreshed Kaprima dungeon will remain available for an extended period, or if this is another temporary run. That said, even if it does prove to just be here for a little while, its past does show that it is likely to return yet again, so if you miss it, don’t fret – it is more than likely not the last chance you will have to run it. That said, it would be great if this were left in the game. When it was still a main dungeon players ran for gear, it was a challenging, yet satisfying experience. It was far from being a walk in the park, but the gear and feelings of accomplishment made it well worth doing. And let us not forget the flame ball room that came with the battle against Kornus (and Egrecia) – this was probably the most annoying part of the battle but essentially created its own little puzzle to work out. And when it comes down to it, having a challenge is a huge bonus, as it gives something to work towards and keeps the game from being too easy.

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