GW2: A Look at the Queue Change Proposal for Ranked Arenas

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ArenaNet has made a proposal to change the way queues are handled for Guild Wars 2 ’s ranked PvP matches, ultimately putting the vote in the hands of the players themselves. They have been making many changes lately to help make PvP a bit more fun and competitive, and this is set to help allow more players to take part – or at least that is the ultimate goal.


Removing 5 Person Queues
The proposal the developers have made is to remove the ability to queue for the matches with a full party. Instead, queues will be limited to either joining solo or with one other, ensuring that no party consists of a full premade, or even half of one. Note that this is not the addition of single and double queues, along with allowing premades, but the actual removal of all but single and doubles – for a competitive form of PvP within the game.
Why This is a Bad Idea
First off, this is a competitive system – it is ranked, after all. It isn’t designed for casual play, and the game has been out years now, with many players working on their skill in groups. Players have spent countless hours together working on that perfect team, theorycrafting to be the best they can possibly be and learning how to work as a unit, all because having things like ranked PvP give them the ability to really shine and show off their skills. Taking this away is not only a slap in the face to these groups, but it disables them from being able to even take part again anymore, instead being able to fit, at most, 40% of a group together. This is a horrible move. It will essentially kill the whole competition part of joining the PvP seasons and working your way up, instead forcing you to rely on getting good random groups and players that you happen to mesh well with. Even if you are a great player yourself and have worked hard over the years to perfect your abilities, you can be kept from climbing due to bad RNG when it comes to the group creation.


Solo Players Can Already Queue
Another issue here is that solo players (or doubles) are already able to queue for ranked PvP. If you are alone and you want to give it a go with random players, you can simply jump in the queue yourself, and you will be put in the next group that has room available for you. For example, if there is a premade with 4 players, you may be their 5th. So the current system isn’t even stopping these things from happening, but they do make it an option – as it is now, you can join with anywhere from 1 to 5 players, letting you choose your own teams if you want, but not forcing it.
The downside to this is, as you would likely guess, that a lot of groups are premades. And this is to be expected, considering it’s a ranked system and therefore you’re going to be facing off against a lot of very competitive players. For a less competitive environment (with a lot more casual players), there’s also the unranked arenas and normal games. So there are absolutely options, regardless of how you want to play now.


Solution: Split the Queues
Let’s face it, most premade groups want to show off their skills against other premades anyways. Those who are really good at the game don’t want to keep facing off against random players, because there’s no challenge. The whole point of the competition is to keep getting better, and that requires playing against others that are at least close to your own skill level. The system, as it is, already isn’t fully catering to those who want this real experience, but there is a solution: break off the system into two queues, one for premades and one for anything less.
This would be the best way to cater to both groups of players: premades would always face off against each other, which they want, and those who want to join solo and play against lesser skilled groups (note that I am not saying the players themselves are of a lower skill bracket, but the groups and how they work together arguably are) would be able to do so. This would keep it from affecting anyone negatively, keep the rankings solid, and still offer options for each player to make their own decisions. And that is paramount if Guild Wars 2 really wants to keep pushing itself as a competitive game.
The only real downside to this split would be the queue times, but there is plenty you can do within the game while waiting for a queue to pop anyways, and this is still a much better solution than what has been proposed. We will see how the polls end up turning out, but if you haven’t voted yet, it is highly recommended to vote against the change.

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