Guild Wars 2 - QoL Changes Role Players Desperately Need

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Role-playing is a common event in MMORPGs, largely leading to the fact that role-playing is right there in the name of the genre. There are often large differences between the size of communities that end up taking part across different games, but there is one thing in common: having a system that caters to the activity helps increase participation. From custom chat channels to other systems, there are some things that would strongly benefit the Guild Wars 2 RP community, making it much easier to take part in, less obtrusive to other players, and more fun overall!

Guild Wars 2


Emotes are a common way to do actions, as they take away the chat-like chatter and add more immersion to the game. These are handled in the game through the /me command, but there is one big issue for outsiders: this can become quite spammy. As these emotes are continually done, they can impact other areas of the game for others that are trying to chat or see what’s happening, leaving one of two options: either ignore the players (which, due to how emotes work, must be done manually, rather than clicking a name) or by disabling them altogether in the options. Neither of these are a great solution, but this could easily be handled through a specific RP-based chat, so as to help create a bit of a filter between those who want to see it and those who don’t.

Custom Chat

A custom chat just for role-playing would be a great fit. Here, it would be somewhat like Map, but in a local (and maybe even have a zone-wide one as well) area. All chat within would be based on RP, and those who would like to take part could simply choose to join the channel and chat in it. This would be a great addition, giving a lot of flexibility to those who want to take part, while not interfering with those who don’t. Along with this, it helps keep things a bit more centralized, such that it makes finding others to role play with a lot easier.

Guild Wars 2

It is worth noting that while an RP guild would somewhat solve this purpose, it brings about its own complications, especially from those who already have a guild they need to stick with most of the time and just can’t keep swapping back and forth. But what this does is help show that the technology exists already: guilds have their own chat and there are zone chats, so creating a sort of bridge for RP should be doable.

There have been some players voicing fear about non-RPers getting involved in the chat to disrupt it, but this really shouldn’t be a huge issue. And if it did become one, ArenaNet could employ rules (like are done on most games with RP servers) that lead to being muted or giving out other punishments to those who are there for no other purpose than to cause issues.

Designated RP Icons

Another hurdle that is often faced deals with being able to easily find others that are interested in role playing. For this, a new icon could be added to characters, such as next to their name in chat or just next to their nametag out in the world, which would designate that the player is interested in taking part in RP. This has been seen in some other games as of late, generally through the use of addons, and has shown itself to be a great quality of life enhancer. It takes a lot of the guesswork out of figuring out who actually wants to role play, while at the same time lets you find other players while you’re out and about exploring. And the best part about this is that it ends up sparking a lot of impromptu role play sessions, being that there are always environmental variables like events, buildings, and scenery that you can mess around with.

Guild Wars 2

The Benefits of RP for GW2

Making a push to help foster taking part in RP brings a strong benefit to the game. First of all, it helps promote much more friendly gaming, which enhances replayability and just brings a lot more enjoyment to being in the game and playing with others. The other is that it helps with strengthening the community as a whole. As players get to know each other, they form bonds and friendships with each other. This, in effect, helps keep people logging in to play with one another, boosting the community and helping it grow. RPers are definitely a sort of niche within the game’s player base, but it is quite amazing to see how others react when they see an RP session going on – it really isn’t uncommon to have outsiders just sit and watch for the enjoyment. Overall, it just makes sense to help promote it, especially in a game that relies on teamwork and socializing as much as GW2 does when it comes to the end game. Plus it helps give a bit more immersion when exploring the zones and finding other players.

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