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With the Ascension update to Skyforge, changes to the game’s Pantheons have been introduced. These are focusing primarily around giving actual utility to being part of a Pantheon (in that they now have actual bonuses), but also have some quality of life changes. From the moment you log into the game, it is clear that things are a bit different – and so far, it seems like everything is better, smoother, and much easier to understand.

Skyforge Ascension Pantheon

Pantheon Rank

Pantheon Ranks are new additions to the game, which is essentially its level. As this continues to go up, so do its capacity, access to the academy, and participation to Pantheon tournaments can be unlocked. Along with this, it can also be used to increase stat bonuses for all players within the Pantheon. This setup has replaced the old Pantheon Stronghold, where you were required to manage the collecting ofextra resources, distribute energy, work with obelisks, and more, leading to a much more streamlined process.

To level up the ranks now, it requires you to gather sufficient Construction Resources. Once this resource bar has been filled, there will then be a number of Credits required for the upgrade, as well as a vote by other members of the Pantheon. Once all of this has been fulfilled, the Pantheon will be boosted up a rank. It is also worth noting that even when the resource bar has been filled up, more can still be obtained and will essentially be “stored” towards the next rank. As such, if there is an issue with trying to get enough Credits but you still want to continue working towards the required resources, you are free to do so and will not lose any time or progress in the process.

To obtain Construction Resources, these come as rewards from Directives and participating in competitive activities, and any players that are partaking in this content can obtain them, making it somewhat easy to obtain.

Skyforge Ascension Pantheon

A rank 20 Pantheon can hold up to 290 characters, in the form of 260 Pantheon members and 30 Pantheon Academy students. And as for the bonuses that can be granted to all players, academy members also earn this, despite not seeming like they are in the “real” Pantheon.

As for large Pantheons that may have more than the capped amount of players before the Ascension update, new members will not be able to join until there is sufficient space. However, no members will be forcefully kicked out by default, so it is up to each leader to go through and work their way down the list to either keep all members and not obtain more or prune enough to open up some more slots.

Player Benefits

Aside from just being part of a Pantheon and having that social connection with other players (and a large pool from which to do things like PvP or missions with), a top ranking Pantheon grants all of its members a 10% bonus to both health and damage of all of its members. This is a fairly large boost, giving a great deal of a push to join one if you haven’t already, as well as help it level up to 20. While the bonus isn’t that great to start out with, it builds up over time. A level 1 Pantheon, for example, comes with a damage boost of 1%. Level 2 adds on a 1% health boost as well.

As for a lower level Pantheon, getting leveled up is fairly quick and easy, requiring only one or two people to help out. But, of course, the more people helping out, the easier it is – especially when it comes to the Credit cost.

Skyforge Ascension Pantheon

A Separated Chat

A huge quality of life change that was also implemented was the separation of Pantheon chat. There are now two rooms: one for commanders and one for members (including academy members). This separation makes it much easier to manage the leaders/commanders of a Pantheon in a group, rather than having to stick to private messages. Along with this, it makes the communication process much better within the game overall.

A Great Direction

Pantheons used to have a role as just a social aspect of the game, but with these new changes, they are functional as well. The barrier of understanding has been greatly broken down, making it a lot easier to follow what is happening and what needs to be done, and the system as a whole has been greatly benefited by these changes. While there are caps now on how many players can join a Pantheon, having 290 members is still a fairly large number and is more than most would even need – as long as the leaders are pruning the list of inactive players (as a direct example, there are many that haven’t logged in within the last 440+ days in a lot of them), it should be pretty easy to keep the numbers low enough to not worry about hitting the cap.

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