MMOSite Interview With Escape From Tarkov Developers

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Nikita Buyanov, COO, Game designer - Battlestate Games

Escape From Tarkov is one of the most promising games of the year. Its story-driven nature and exciting play style make it an extraordinary title that many of us are waiting to get our hands on.

1. Please tell us a bit about yourself and about this amazing new first-person action online RPG.

Hello, I'm Nikita Buyanov, COO of Battlestate Games, and Lead Designer for Escape from Tarkov. The game, at its core, is a story-driven FPS/MMO mix, wherein players (either alone or in teams) will try to make their way out of the city of Tarkov. Escape from Tarkov features a "Hazardous Environment Combat Simulator" system that creates incredibly immersive and realistic gameplay by focusing on real-world physics, true-to-life economics, hardcore battle simulations and other key elements.


2. The last wave of Alpha testers had a chance to play Escape from Tarkov last month. How do you see the current state of the game?

We've had very good feedback from the players so far, and we're continually patching the game in anticipation of the Beta phase.

3. There are quite a few pre-order packages available for Escape From Tarkov. Can you explain the benefits of these?

The pre-order packages we’re featuring on our website have several distinct features, the core of which gives buyers the chance to gain access to Alpha testing, Beta testing and Early Access, as well as obtaining special items like the extended stash… which can also be achieved in-game with regular package, but through hard work and toil.

4. How do you see the current shape of the industry that your game is targeting?

While the major developers and publishers are oriented on making mainstream projects to appeal to the widest possible markets, we, on the other hand, are aiming to make a hardcore project which may be very niche, but will bring something new and fresh to the genre. Since this segment of the industry is basically unoccupied, we see ourselves as trailblazers, and the moment for our success is right now.

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