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Spellbound, TERA’s major upcoming update, is bringing changes to the Sorcerer class that they have classified as “Sorcerer: Reloaded.” The class is “getting a top-to-bottom overhaul, with new skills, new mechanics, and a lot more spellpower to throw around.” The changes coming to it look to be a great boon to the class, giving it some fresh life and possibly (with any hope) helping get players interested in it yet again. With TERA’s updates have come many different skill changes for various classes, but for the most part, a complete overhaul was never in the picture. With this one being vastly different and being a huge alteration of what we’re used to in terms of damage output and viability, it is going to be interesting to see just what happens with the Sorcerer once these changes all go into effect with the next update.

TERA Spellbound Sorcerer

New Skills and Changes to Old Ones

There are a lot of great things as part of this update when it comes to skills, including:

• A new skill, Frost Sphere, which is replacing Ice Needle. Frost Sphere brings increased base damage and an explosive AoE at maximum range

• A new skill, Lightning Strike, which is replacing Magma Bomb. This calls down a 15m line of lightning bolts in front of you, striking all enemies in their path

• A new skill, Meteor Strike, which is replacing Fireblast. This comes with increased damage and a new animation

• A new skill, Mana Boost, which replaces Overchannel. This gives a temporary boost to Attack Speed and boosts skill damage to enemies. It can also improve the damage output of both Arcane Pulse and Meteor Strike

Burst of Celerity is becoming a passive skill. This is obtained at level 20 and increases Attack Speed by 30% at all times

Arcane Pulse is being altered to launch two pulses when fully charged, as opposed to one

Mana Infusion will replenish more MP while casting, and will come with a longer cooldown as a result

• Many other skills come with faster cast times and increased base damage, and there are going to be new glyph combinations that can be utilized so you can customize your combat style to exactly how you want it

Further, it is also said that there will be more changes on top of these, and everything will be available within the new Sorcerer game guide, which will be released at the same time as the Spellbound update is.

TERA Spellbound Sorcerer

Effects On Previous Play Styles

Based on the information that is currently available with regards to the changes to Sorcerer skills and play, it looks like most things are just an upgrade of what is already available. There are some minor changes, such as Lightning Strike bringing about a line-based attack as opposed to something like an AoE, but it should be fairly easy to transition into. So for those that are interested in having more survivability and being able to output a lot more damage than before, these changes are very welcome.

Along with this, the changes also go in line with the game developer’s own statement of what the Sorcerer is all about, stating “Sorcerers specialize in killing as many foes as possible in the shortest amount of time. Their skills are a mix of area, in-line, and targeted attacks, as well as mystical traps, buffs, and debuffs. Their unbridled killing clout makes them indispensable to any party of adventurers.” And, of course, keeping the class as a necessity within parties revolves around it being able to keep up with the other DPS classes.

TERA Spellbound Sorcerer

Side Information

Sorcerers are a sort of “glass cannon” type class, bringing about a lot of damage output at the cost of being able to tank enemy attacks. While they have some mobility with skill usage, the strongest, by far, do still rely on charging skills up before dishing out attacks. As a DPS, however, they are able to hold their own in a lot of PvE situations due to high damage output and the ability to snare enemies so they can’t catch up. That said, they have historically had some problems when it comes to DPS meters and keeping up with other allies when taking part in the game’s content. This patch is set to help straighten this out, giving them not only more utility, but also more viability when it comes to things like raids. It is worth noting, however, that TERA is an ever-changing game, and as such will undoubtedly come with more changes to the Sorcerer class over time. To help give input on things that should be altered, the forums are a great spot, as is TERA’s feedback within the game itself. While it is not guaranteed to make anything change, it does help give some outside input on things that may be wrong and helps feed ideas for changes.

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