Skyforge Ascension - Operations, Directives and You

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With the latest addition to Skyforge coming up soon (October 19th!), new information has been released about some of the progression mechanics within the game and how they’re changing things up. It’s no secret that Skyforge’s team has been actively working towards getting newer players caught up faster, and these new systems and alterations help solidify that fact. In specific, operations are being simplified, and new directives are being released.

Skyforge Ascension

Operation Simplification

Operations are becoming much more player-friendly, taking away their dependence upon active invasions and opening them up to quests that deal with vanquishing all sorts of threats to Aelion. The event lasts for two weeks, and players can only be signed up for one operation. To access this, players must complete any appropriate mission or continue to complete them for rank progression. Squad, group, and invasion adventures will be the only ones that grant operation tokens, and earning progress points and improving your operation rank is done through completing higher-priority tasks.


Directives are sets of in-game activities that are designed to replace older promotional adventures. By fully completing them, you gain significantly more resources and benefit from them a lot more than from individual adventures. Sets can include solo and group adventures, regions, and PvP activities, giving a solid variation of different play. And on top of normal rewards, you can also get Credits, Argents, Victor’s Medals, Bastion progress, Divine Deeds, and Construction Points for your Pantheon for competing the sets. Bonus amounts are based on your individual character’s prestige, and there is also a chance that it can be increased by 5- or 20-fold.

The directives are created individually for each player and are updated daily, in which a player can accumulate up to 7 at once. After starting one of the sets, you have up to 24 hours to get it completed, though it is said that on average, it should take around 2 hours to complete all of the adventures required. You can access the adventures that are part of your needed set directly in the directive adventures listing for easy access. Or, if you’d prefer, they can also be accessed via the regional map or the adventure listing.

Special directives will also appear from time to time, that come with a time limit and are unlocked for everybody (as opposed to being an individual setup). It’s said that these are usually launched on the occasion of special game events, like holidays or invasions. Along with this, top-ranking players will be able to influence the special directives in the future in some manner.

Skyforge Ascension

Playing Catch Up

For players that are completely new to the game or that have taken a break and feel like they’ve fallen behind, a new system has been created that accommodates for the average quality of equipment, Bastion level, and Divine Specializations of all active characters on a server. Using this data, special directives with bonus rewards are being added for players that are of a lower level. These can include things like significant Bastion progress and large volumes of Divine Deeds. Along with this, the globe might offer a special directive that “gives all willing players an opportunity to fight a training version of an Avatar of a Great God and unlock a new Divine Specialization!”

All players are able to access adventures that have difficulty scaling to their character, and new equipment can always be found that corresponds to their Might, such that new players are able to reach the levels that are required for the next to latest generation of equipment through Bastion quests and receiving more Might than the bonuses above would grant. The system is designed to get you caught up to where you’re just a small step behind the maximum difficulty adventures and can then earn the last generation of equipment together with other players. In essence, it’s based around letting you get mostly caught up, while not catapulting you all the way to the latest tier.

Skyforge Ascension

Speeding Up Progression

These changes largely revolve around a single thing: getting players caught up. As it is now, it is a long, rough journey to get caught up to others, and things like PvP are simply unplayable at lower levels – from passives to active skills, there is no challenge when you’re a higher level that’s facing off a much lower level player. And even while this has the goal of helping streamline player progress and make it easier to understand what is going on, make it faster to get to where you need to be, and just give an overall sense of more equality, it is not going to be something that allows someone to join and boosts them right up to the end-game with all of the players that worked hard to get there. Instead, it is based on closing the gaps that have been widening since the game’s release, giving a chance to actually make something of yourself, rather than be left behind. And that, for all players, should be a welcome addition.

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