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For both new and old players alike, knowing the cost to get everything unlocked within Rift is important to know. When I say “everything,” it isn’t just a few of the souls or the upcoming expansion, Starfall Prophecy – it means all of the souls and other content, other than gear itself. Rather than having a “buy one and get everything” package, it involves piecing together different parts to make a whole, and it does leave some savings for players that already know they want to get it all. So let’s dig in!


The Packages

First up, let’s take a look at the various packages that are available within the game and what they include. This is not an expansive listing, as it will only cover the game essentials themselves, but it is a much easier way to understand what we’re going after and why each is important. Note that all of these are considered as “DLC” and are located in the appropriate tab within the game, though they are also available on Steam and within the Glyph launcher itself.

Ultimate Rift Edition ($149.99)

This is one of the biggest purchases most players will ever make in a game – at least in one shot. But it also includes a great deal of the game’s unlockable content. This one covers:

• Storm Legion Pack ($29.99)

• Nightmare Tide Pack ($59.99)

• Planetouched Wilds Pack ($79.99)

Purchasing each of those separately would run the tab up to $169.97, or an increase of about $20 over just purchasing all of them at once in the larger pack. Along with this, the big one offers up many other bonuses, such as a new mount and other things to help out on your journey, so if you are going for all of these at once, it’s best to just purchase (or save up for) the Ultimate Rift Edition rather than going after each of the others one by one.


Ascended Soul ($34.99)

This pack includes new souls for each of the five callings (of which the Primalist one will depend on already having that unlocked):

• Cleric: Runeshaper

• Mage: Frostkeeper

• Rogue: Shadeborn

• Warrior: Warchanter

• Primalist: Maelstorm

Do note that if you don’t have the Primalist when purchasing this, you will not have access to the Maelstrom right off the bat. However, if you do purchase one of the packs later that has Primalist as part of it, you will have that soul available as well.

Starfall Prophecy ($39.99)

Starfall Prophecy is the upcoming expansion and comes in two forms, though in terms of unlocking all of the game’s content, the base version is perfectly fine. This one comes with a whole slew of new additions, including:

• Increased level cap (from 65 to 70)

• New zones

• New dungeons

• New raids

• New game systems (like personal loot and raid finder)

• Fortress sieges

• Planar assault adventures

• New item rarity

• And more

So while most of the additional game packs you can snag only include souls that can be played, this one takes things a lot further, really opening up a lot more to experience within the world of Rift.

Tallying it Up

All in all, you’re looking at, if you want to unlock everything, the following:

• Ultimate Rift Edition ($149.99)

• Ascended Soul ($34.99)

• Starfall Prophecy ($39.99)

The total of all of these comes out to $224.97. If you want to take a safer, “I don’t really know if I want absolutely everything” route, however, you would want to break down the $149.99 package, which comes out to $169.97 for the three parts, and builds the total all-in price up to $244.95.


Which Ones Are Most Important?

The most important upgrade you want to make is absolutely going to be Starfall Prophecy. This includes the rest of the game that you will not have access to otherwise, including all of the new zones, raids, etc. And it’s also likely going to be what Trion focuses most of their time on expanding – in other words, while you can still remain free or ignore the expansion for now, if you want to take the game seriously and experience everything it has now and into the future, this is going to be a must.

Once the expansion has been bought, the rest of the path is really going to be up to each individual player. A great idea is to look up videos and guides on the various souls that come with each individual pack and see what matches your own play style the best. Use this to see which ones you might want, and go in that order. This ensures that you aren’t buying content additions that you are not going to be using.

Rolling the Free Souls

It’s worth noting that you don’t need to purchase any additional souls to enjoy the game. If you are satisfied with the ones that come by default, you can absolutely take part in everything the game offers with those. While different builds are going to want different soul mixes, you can always adapt and alter them to match what you have available. As such, none of the soul packs are an absolute necessity, though if you really want to experience everything they bring, they’re a good idea.

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