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September is a transitional month for the seasons, just as it is in the MMO industry. We’re clearly feeling the pace of New MMOs slowing, and some of the MMOGs even die down for a short time. So Hello MMO this month is going to talk about 5 MMOs that announced closure this year, and 5 new MMOs available for you to play this month. Saying farewell gives us a chance to remember the past fun and find yourself a wonderful new game to fully immerse in!

Farewell, Sudden Attack 2


Sudden Attack 2 followed its title and gave us the sudden announcement of its closure after less than one month of open beta in South Korea. The issue of SA2 sexy girls getting deleted caught everyone’s attention, Nexon CEO even made an apology for the adult content in this game. Lots of people assume that this could lead to the closure of the game. Yet Nexon explained that it is because the game didn’t reach the expectation of players and developers, they might take the game back to development and consider a relaunch in the future.

Firstly announced back at G-Star 2014, Sudden Attack 2 features high-quality graphics and improved hit feedback to provide a more intense FPS experience. There are 10 new playable characters in Sudden Attack 2, 5 on Red team and 5 on Blue team. What is worth mentioning is that in these characters, 6 are female and 4 are male. Let’s just hope Nexon will give this game a second chance to reach the high expectation from all its fans.


Farewell, Asta


At the beginning of this month, Webzen announced that ASTA: The War of Tears and Winds would be shutting down on October 4th. It is such a quick halt that we still can't believe it! I remembered this past March we had a pleasant OBT of ASTA and gamers on IMGamer were reflecting positive feedback, why did they decide to quit after such a short run? Webzen’s answer is "sadly the recent player numbers are not sufficient for us to be able to continue the service" and we found ASTA KR server shut down last year as well.

Different from other MMORPGs, ASTA: The War of Tears and Winds features oriental elements tailored to Western preferences, including English-voiced characters and improvements to the economy. From battlegrounds to daily raids, ASTA is filled with content and ready from the outset. There are 10 unique areas, 3 races and 5 classes available for each of the 2 factions. Asta released its first expansion "Myth I:Wrath of the Berserkers" in May this year, certainly we can imagine that the expansion didn’t bring enough players back to the game, so it is going to say goodbye to us all. Is it too soon for Asta to say goodbye to us? Join the discussion here.

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