AdventureQuest 3D - My Guided Tour with Artix

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AdventureQuest 3D is a newly developed cross-platform MMORPG that AdventureQuest fans have been eagerly waiting for. The Artix-developed game is currently in CBT phase, and the developers were kind enough to take me on a guided tour. Here is how it went.


AdventureQuest 3D is a diamond in the rough and through this guided tour I was able to spot plenty of amazing segments of the game. The cross-platform nature of the game enables players to jump into the MMORPG not only from their PCs and MACs, but also from Android and Apple devices. This means, that wherever you are, you can always access your toon and complete your daily tasks. 


A highly appealing part of the game is that you can switch classes whenever you want. This is something that really saves time for players and it is really convenient to have just 1 character for all the available classes. Visually, AdventureQuest 3D is evidently not outstanding, because the cross-platform feature brings limitations to graphics. But this does not mean that the game is ugly and unpleasant to look at. In fact, when moving around in various zones, I actually enjoyed the view and had no issue with them at all. The characters are also not disappointing, visually, and the armor sets and weapons look decent, to say the least. 


For those with slower internet connections, it should be pleasing that you don’t actually have to download the full game. The content is streamed to your device upon accessing it which does not actually result in slow loading screens. AdventureQuest 3D clearly continues the story-driven nature of the title, and regardless of the fact that this was the first actual 3D game created by the developer, Artix Entertainment, they really did a great job. 


During the guided tour, I was shown some amazing features of the game, as well as high-level gear, a dungeon and a sneak peek at some upcoming additions to the game. In all honesty, I have not played all of their early titles, except AdventureQuest Worlds, which sadly resulted in not realising iconic elements from the past, but luckily my guide brought a great sense of humor and so, any embarrassing moment was easily tackled. 


I truly recommend trying the game for those who would like to play an MMORPG that is well-optimized even for low-end devices, and one that is bound to have a huge player base upon its official release. I am thankful to Artix for letting me see some exclusive parts of the game that not many have had the chance to look at, and don’t forget to grab a CBT key from our giveaway event. Below you can see some additional images of the game provided by Artix. 




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