Lost Ark and Lineage Eternal Will Restore Isometric View Popularity

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By daniel_csakiDate: Sep 10 2016 Views:


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Isometric ARPGs are not as popular as they once were. Today, you have only a few good games in this genre, Diablo III, Path of Exile, Torchlight 2, Grim Dawn and so on. There are many clones out there, but those aren't worthy of a mention.

Finally, we have two big ones coming out soon, Lost Ark and Lineage Eternal.

Both of them feature amazing, flashy, fast-paced combat with devastating and beautiful attacks, fluid animations and sick combos. If anything, these two should be able to bring back glory to the Isometric ARPG genre.


Both of them are different. For example, Lost Ark features cinematic dungeons that tie in with the story, NPCs that offer you special secret quests if you have a good relationship with them, and the game also has buyable islands that you can build your city on.  Not much is known about this last feature, but it sure as hell sounds amazing!


Now, as for Lineage Eternal, there's a really special reward system that gives rewards based on the amount of contribution you brought to your group. Also, you can play with up to 20 people, and quests will be very interactive with teamwork being the best way to solve them. Open-world bosses will also be present, so be sure to call in for backup when facing them, as they are no mere monster that you can tackle on by yourself.

These two amazing titles seem to have a promising path ahead of them, that fans of the isometric view RPG genre like myself, must be extremely excited about. And not only will these comes gain a huge player base, but they will also get players to connect with this old gaming genre once again. Let’s hope that both will make it to the western regions without further delays.


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