Lore in MMOs Seems To Be Losing Importance

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When was the last time you were really interested in a game's lore? Having a hard time remembering? Don't worry, most games now and even 5-6 years ago started to ignore the importance of lore. They just put some random info for the world, characters, races, abilities and so on, without much effort to make any of that interesting.


I remember when I first started playing World of Warcraft. I was really young, and it was my first MMORPG, but it had such an amazing lore. I read every quest, every description of an item, anything that could give me more insight into this amazing world I found myself in, was a must-read for me. But, today that isn't the case.

Today, developers are more concerned about graphics and flashy combat and marketing their game in the best way possible, instead of giving us an amazing, immersive world and some masterfully crafted lore to go alongside it. Even with an interesting world, you need lore to fill in the gaps for things that the world can't explain on its own. I remember going on the internet after some WoW dungeons to find out the lore behind that character, that place, or even that time. I mean, why are you playing the game if you don't want to get to know more about it? It makes quests more exciting, it makes dialogue with certain characters more thrilling.


Think of lore as something that helps you immerse yourself in the game more, it increases the overall enjoyment of the gameplay when you know what you're fighting, and it allows you to create more bonds with some characters if you know their background and their past!\

It's a shame that lore is mostly ignored in today's MMOs, as it's certainly something that should be more represented!

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