Lost Ark Awesome PvP Content and Chaos Gates Preview

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The first closed beta test of Lost Ark Online offers two PvP modes in the Colosseum at present, an FFA and 3v3! However, players are not able to do any instanced events, dungeons, and some other stuff. The superb skill system with enhancements known as the Tripod system can let players specialize their character to how they like. Even watching the gameplay video is amusing, check out the cool control and the amazing skills effects in the videos below.

PvP Videos

Chaos Gates

There are portals in the world that open randomly with hordes of demons streaming through it. Players near the Chaos Gate will be sent a signal in a fixed location in Lost Ark Online's world. Follow the steps, you will reach the destination and wait till enough players get together. Without sufficient players, the Chaos Gate will disappear. Such an event is a “world class crisis” and require players working together to defeat them. The players who fight and close these Chaos Gates, will receive Devil Stones that can increase their Attack Power permanently.


Source: Fansite, steparu

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