Hello MMO Tops : What Disappoints and What Gives Us Hope in August

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The gaming industry has been quiet for a while in terms of new games which has pushed some games to have really high expectations from us. The Hello MMO of August is going to talk about some tops: the ones with high expectations but get slashed in the face with the disappointment of their reality and the ones we can still have high hopes for. Leave a comment if you agree or disagree with my disappointments and hoped for excellence, here we go!

What Disappoints::

No Man’s Sky


No Man’s Sky is really “No Man” and it is going to be “No Player”. With incredibly high expectations, the delays of the game have even led to a death threat for the developer! Without an OBT No Man’s Sky finally toddles into launch, but the excitement fades away quickly after a couple hours of gameplay.


From the massive complaints, the most mentioned one is the missing feature of multiplayer. There was a piece of news about two players’ journey to meet each other on the same planet, the cruel reality hit us hard that they were basically in two different dimensions as they stood at the same location. Adding this to some graphics dissatisfaction and crash problems along with the worst piece of news, next DLC is to be charged and you are left with nothing but disappointment.

Even with so many complaint throughout the Internet, I have to confess No Man’s Sky is good but it needs some more time and patches to catch up with our high expectations. The galaxy exploration content is promising, but we are expecting interactions. Meeting up with randomly generated alien NPCs is not what we want, we prefer our own base, some PvP contents, some randomly generated missions to follow and some roles to develop into. It will be sweet if you can turn into a space pirate to raid and pillage anything or a righteous hunter to go after evil scum. Anyway, NMS is just getting started and there are ways to make it better, just give them some time and maybe we should say “See you N patches later”!

Black Desert Online


In the past Black Desert Online was super hot with gamers anticipating the gameplay and the customization client, but the heat cooled down really fast after the official launch.


It is no doubt that BDO is still a good MMORPG and attractive, but everything went bad with the shop. There were complaints since the first change in the shop and they reached an apex with the latest one. The players even created a new way of saying NO: they uploaded an image carrying the message of “Pay 2 Win” implying that they were in a fury. They marched and sat in the market with that image as the best way to protest.

There are all kinds of reasons that can lead a good game to its death and we don’t want this to happen to Black Desert Online. Hope this famous protest can alert the developer and bring back a reasonable solution for BDO.

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