Age of Wushu 2 - Game Ecosystem Explained for New UE 4 MMORPG

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Snail Games detailed the survival elements in the upcoming Unreal Engine 4 sandbox MMO Age of Wushu 2 on August 26th. Just as many people expect, food, water, and weather condition will affect your character's physical function. Besides, the game has a food chain for all wildlives.


Weather conditions

Bad weathers such as severe cold will make your character gradually lose his hearth point and even kill him. To survive in the extremely cold weather, you need to start a bonfire or wear heavy coats. Other weather conditions such as fog will affect your view distance as well as NPCs'. Rain, on the other hand, will be a perfect condition for you to learn some particular martial arts.

What's more, if you want to study and practice venom and poison, swamp is the good place to go, and if you are learning feminine style martial arts, the cold caves would be perfect locations. Snail Games also said that studying martial arts in the day and the night could also get you different outcome.

Food and water

Food and water will be required to survive. There are many ways to get food (trading, hunting, cooking, etc.) but there not that easy to get water especially in the desert area. Water bag is what you have to bring with you during your exploration. If you still run out of water, pray for a heavy rain.

Wildlife system

Age of Wushu 2's wildlives will hunt each other. Generally, carnivores prey on herbivores, while the carnivores on the top of the food chain prey on other carnivores and herbivores. You can hunt wildlives for food or tame them. No detail of this part is revealed.

(AOW2's food chain from altitude 0 to 1500 meters (red for carnivores and green for herbivores)

The game is the first martial arts MMORPG with survival elements. It's interesting to see how Snail Games is going to balance the martial arts experience and the survival experience.


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