Chiyo's Zuko Cosplay and a Special Crush

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Ever since I watched avatar the last airbender I loved it. I mean how can you not, the action is amazing and the storyline and character development is intriguing. Someone who stood out the most for me was prince zuko from the Fire nation, who was banished for his crime against his father and sent to find the avatar and end him. But that never happens. Zuko realizes that doing the right thing is more important. He struggles and loses hope along the way .But he still managed to become the avatars friend and help him save the world, and so regaining his honor and becoming the Fire lord.

I knew that he was my dream cosplay and I wanted to do it. Though I didn't want to cosplay him unless I could do him justice. I searched online for hours and then days to find the perfect way to fire bend and still being con safe. Eventually I found this video by Cosplayinabox, they had this fabric that was attached to a ball and I didn't know what it was or how to make it, so I emailed them. A few days later she posted a tutorial video explaining that it was a type of poi. It's a chain that goes from your shoulder to your wrist with a ball at the end acting as the weight, once you tie some fabric at the end in your desired length you have your self-flag poi or chain flag.


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I asked my dad to help me make it, I showed him the video and he agreed. Once I started that I thought it was time to start the cosplay itself. I never used a pattern I just traced a t-shirt for the top and used some old pants and dyed them red. It didn't look to great but I was still proud. After a few months I thought it would be time to try again and make it look a lot nicer. I found a pattern for pants and learned the proper way to hem fabric without frayed. And let me say it looks a lot better now.


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After cosplaying him for two years I've learned a lot about cross play and how to pass without causing harm to myself. As a female I have curves and I can't change that. Once I bought my first binder it made it a lot easier. I am lucky to have small breasts so I had no trouble on that end, but I am gifted in the bun area and I have yet to find a butt binder to solve that. When it comes to makeup it's a different story, I spent a fair amount of time looking at males and there bone structure. Also watching YouTube videos are another good way to learn makeup. After getting that down, I had to find the best way to make his scar. I started of using different shades of red lipstick then I took a stab at using liquid latex. I'm not great at it but practice makes perfect.


Photo by my phone #selfiepower

I will never stop cosplaying zuko. He's my favorite character of any animated series ever. I do plan on remaking him again this time using nice fabric, after all he is a prince. And when I'm older I will cosplay an older version of him. Like I said he was and is my dream cosplay. When I wear zuko to a con I try to stay as true to him as I can, doing sad skits in the costume contest to flirting with all the girls. I'm kidding about the last part, or am I. Usually I have a panel called team avatar where you the audience ask the team questions and we answer them like the characters would. I try to keep the avatar universe alive for big fans like myself, we only have two series to go off of and I hope it doesn't end.


Photo by Thermo cosplay

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