Revelation West: F2P or B2P?

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By jayDate: Aug 15 2016 Views:


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Revelation Online, the highly anticipated Chinese MMORPG by NetEase, has been long awaited for a west release since claimed to be the western publisher in April.


Until now no detailed release schedule has been revealed, even the business mode. Rumor spreads that will publish the game as a B2P one, given it has become more and more common to see Asian F2P games being released as B2P ones in west, like Black Desert Online, free in Korea, Japan and Russia, while it is not free for players in NA and EU.


Black Desert Online is not only blamed for B2P mode but also for exclusive boosts (such as the ghillie suit) that can only be gotten by paying, which makes it increasingly to be a P2W one...

Well, we still need to wait until makes its final decision. F2P or B2P? What’ s your attitude toward it.

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