World of Warcraft Legion - Gearing for Raids Through PvP

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Getting prepared for raiding in World of Warcraft can be a daunting task, much like most other games. Once you get to the level cap and are ready to start getting into end-game content, most players just want to be there – not spend weeks trying to hit the point where they can finally take part. Luckily, the latest expansion to WoW, Legion, has made this task fairly easy, for the most part.

WOW Legion

No Separation of PvP and PvE Gear

The reason why this is so easy is because WoW does not have a real separation between these two sets of gear. If you plan to take part in the “Looking for Raid” system or join others in the real raids, the most important aspect you have is your Item Level. This is what will determine whether or not you can queue for the automated matching and is the most popular thing other players look for if they decide to inspect you.

At this point I want to make it clear that there are a couple of differences between gear that is obtained through PvP and that which is obtained through PvE. First off, a lot of end-game PvE equipment can be upgraded (most of the items will come at 0/2 upgrade), but the stats on their base level are usually lower than that of the PvP gear. The second thing is that PvP gear is bolstered to an even higher Item Level when in PvP. For example, the Warlords Season 3 gear will go from its normal Item Level of 710 to 740, which is a considerable increase. All things considered, however, this set of gear works just fine in PvE and will get you going with all the content, as its stats are PvE as well.

WOW Legion

The Cost of PvP Gear

If you are trying to get into things like the raid queuing and other end-game content, you are going to want the latest season of Conquest gear. As of this writing, that would be Warlords Season 3. With the changes to Honor that came with the Legion pre-patch, these items are a bit easier to get a hold of if you do some battlegrounds and are lucky enough to be on the winning team frequently. The items and their costs are:

• Chest: 3

• Hands: 2

• Head: 3

• Legs: 3

• Shoulder: 2

• Waist: 1

• Feet: 2

• Wrist: 1

• Back: 1

• Weapon: 5

If you go through and purchase all of these items, then, the cost comes out at a grand total of 23 Marks of Honor. Doing battlegrounds and winning, this can be obtained in 23 total matches. It is worth noting that you likely will not need all items in the beginning. As you level up, do dungeons, and quest, you get plenty of gear. The best plan when purchasing these is to get the biggest upgrades first and work your way up. For example, by the time I had hit 100, I only needed 3 pieces to become eligible for everything. That said, this will be different for every player.

Efficient Battleground Earning

First of all, it is worth noting that Marks of Honor are transferrable between characters on the same account (note: this is account). Second, the Marks of Honor are rewarded for wins even in the lower level battlegrounds. So if you really want to get ahead of the curve, you can actually be working on earning these while leveling up – and getting experience and other items in the process. That way as soon as you hit 100, you are already set up and ready to purchase the items you need. But if you are already at 100, you want to go with an efficient battleground path, which means hitting up the fastest ones possible. Since the Random Battleground option must be used to earn these, it means we can only exclude two from being picked. For this purpose, go with Alterac Valley and Isle of Conquest. Generally speaking, these two are going to take the longest time to get completed, so even if you happen to win, you have still lost a great deal of time.

WOW Legion

Where Do I Get the PvP Gear?

When you have your Marks of Conquest and you are actually ready to make the purchase of gear, where you go will depend on your faction:

• For those that are on Alliance, you are looking for Draenor ->Ashran ->Stormshield

• For those that are on Horde, you are looking for Draenor ->Ashran ->Warspear

Once you are in the appropriate area, just look at the map and you will see a shield icon, which represents the “Conquest & Honor Quartermaster.” Run over to this and you can pick your items. Go to the ones that are standing in front, and ensure you are doing the Conquest one – the gear here is better.

Once you have fully geared up, you are good to go and ready to start exploring everything else the game has to offer!

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