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With WoW’s latest class officially out for those who preordered the upcoming expansion, Legion, the Demon Hunters are seen everywhere from PvP to raids. Being a new class, this is to be expected, since it’s the latest and greatest thing, but its results in combat have been nothing less than phenomenal so far. They are growing in number and are taking over a lot of the game’s world by storm, and that is a great thing. But how long is this going to last?

WoW Demon Hunters

Taking Over the Damage Charts

Regardless of the type of combat Demon Hunters are taking part in, they have been dominating it. From dungeon groups to raids, from single targets to AoE, they’ve been a great boon to groups everywhere. And they’ve been making many other classes feel a bit inadequate. Looking at a raid’s damage charts, for example, usually shows the top players all being of the same class. And which is that? The Demon Hunters. Prior to this, it was usually Death Knights for a lot of types of combat, but so far even those have been pretty much trumped by their new competitors. The number of times I’ve seen someone respond with disbelief to a DH’s damage output by praising it is innumerable.

Why Are They Overpowered?

There are two things that help easily explain why they’re overpowered. One is speculative, the other is a definite. These are, in that order, the fact that making them extremely powerful helps sell the new expansion, and because all classes have to go through extensive balancing.

In the former, this is a common thing among games, or at least appears to be. Even in the F2P world, there are a lot of premium features that make enough of a difference within the game utility wise to push people to purchase them. In this case, it could definitely be a marketing ordeal, and the same happened when Death Knights were introduced (which, even up until now, have largely been overpowered in certain combat situations). It’s hard to decipher whether or not this is intentional – if it is, it’s worth noting that the game’s content doesn’t revolve around them being a necessity, such that you can still get along fine with other classes.

In terms of balance, MMOs go through constant rebalancing. Every major patch to a game comes with balance changes through skill alterations, dungeon or raid changes, or even gear changes. Especially when there are multiple ways to play a class and different ways to build it, it’s impossible to lock down on every single situation and get it all right the first time. And even over a period of months or years, changes will still be coming.

WoW Demon Hunters

Will They Remain the Top?

It’s entirely possible that the Demon Hunters will be “nerfed” (or negatively balanced) in an upcoming update. Based on watching how they respond in different situations as it is, it’s clear that they are on the top of the spectrum pretty much all around right now. Just from the damage output alone, you can usually tell whether or not you are looking at the charts of one of these new Demon Hunters. That, in itself, speaks volumes for the fact that toning them down is more than likely in the short to medium term. Even moving them to being slightly better than Death Knights would put them in a fairly good place, still giving them a lot of value. Not to mention players would still get the “wow” factor of playing one, plus the joy of playing something different. And let’s face it… at the end of the day, the Demon Hunters are pretty cool.

WoW Demon Hunters

The Effect of DHs on Groups

It is very, very easy to feel like you are inadequate when you see someone doing multiple times your damage in an encounter. This is where the DHs are right now, but there is a great light at the end of the tunnel… if you are playing a different class and you like it, you can stay with it. Despite the massive differences in damage output, the effects on people’s opinions when it comes to things like dungeons and raids appears to be unchanged. It hasn’t brought about frequent “DH only” groups or anything along those lines, which speaks volumes to the community’s continued acceptance of what we can now consider the “lesser DPSs.”

In fact, despite their towering over others, they have brought about a massive benefit to parties – they get to finish content faster! Especially in things like the Heroic dungeons, they’ve gotten much faster to complete when you end up with a DH in your party, and since they are so common within the game now, that is almost guaranteed to happen on each run. So even for players that have not bought Legion yet and have no plans to, they still get to reap the rewards of those who have and know how to play their class.

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