Ragnarok Mobile GvG Plan Revealed in an Interview at ChinaJoy 2016

By hatake Date: Aug 02 2016 Views:

From a latest interview with Xindong at ChinaJoy 2016 we obtained some good news on Ragnarok Mobile. The interview focused on the inheritance of the client Ragnarok Online’s gameplay, such as dungeons. Players can expect features such as Guild vs Guild, character advancement, manual adding of stats and more from the original game.

It’s certain that Ragnarok Mobile is a pure RPG, and the developer plans to add some common mobile game features on it, for example, the VR technology and the gyroscope. Ragnarok Mobile tries to reach the same interactive functions as the client Ragnarok Online, improving emoji, chatting room, team forming, transaction and etc.

The mobile game is currently planned for release in China, followed by South Korea and Japan, with later markets to be considered in the future. Currently, Ragnarok Mobile is going through an internal test which will be ended within one week. The developer Xindong will hold a press conference for Ragnarok Online in the following months, at that time they will announce the test information officially. Interested players please stay tuned.



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