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While a lot of games have bonuses for choosing to queue for battlegrounds (or their equivalent) randomly, as opposed to picking the ones you want, it usually leads to a pretty big issue: most players have one or more that they absolutely despise. Of course, each player’s taste is different, so what one likes others will dislike and vice versa. As a result of this, randomized battlegrounds bring about their own complications, in that oftentimes, players are forced to play in one they simply don’t want to. WoW, on the other hand, handles this in a much better way than is the norm, by letting players exclude those they dislike.

Randomized battlegrounds

Exclude 2 Battlegrounds

When looking at the battleground queue in WoW, there is an option to view the included ones (which is a great help if you’re not already familiar with what’s available to you). As part of this, you’re given the chance to exclude up to two of them from the randomized selection. As you play through the various ones and lock down on the two you like the least, you can unselect them and ensure that you won’t be put in either of them. Or, if you don’t hate any, you can leave it as-is and the entire selection will remain available. Essentially, you’re able to take the random selection and cut out a couple, giving a fairly large quality of life boost when it comes to doing content.

Battleground Maps, Not Styles

While WoW’s system is a great benefit when compared to most games, it does have a fault: the exclusions are on a one-map basis, rather than as a style. For example, players that dislike Alterac Valley are also likely to be against Isle of Conquest, since they are fairly similar (both being in the “raid” style). Locking out these two individually means no others can be blocked, whereas if it worked based on the style itself, these would simply count as one.

This doesn’t become much of an issue until later on in the game, as the number of battlegrounds to choose from starts to increase. By the time you get to the later levels and end-game, there are more than likely going to be more than just two on the “exclude” list and it becomes a matter of picking the least bad ones. It’s not the most efficient system, but it’s definitely a great addition, considering the alternative that’s usually pushed out – being forced to queue for all or skip the bonuses altogether.

Randomized battlegrounds

Alterac Valley and the Phantom Reset

For players that pick Alterac Valley as one they don’t want to queue for, there have been a large number of complaints that it gets reset randomly, putting them in there regardless. As a result, there’s quite a bit more hostility within that specific battleground than normal, with many complaints regarding this behavior. As a result, be aware that picking that one doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t be chosen (at least until this phantom reset is fixed).

Speeding Up Battleground Bonus Progress

If you’re looking to knock out some battlegrounds in the search of Marks of Honor, the best plan is to exclude both of the raid ones (Alterac Valley and Isle of Conquest). These take the longest out of all of them, so while they can be great for other things (achievements, enjoyment if you like them, racking up more kills, etc.), they aren’t that good on a time basis. Usually, CTF-based maps are the best for this, as they’re generally pretty quick and have a somewhat short timer attached to them just in case neither team is showing a real dominance over the other.

Randomized battlegrounds

The Importance of Random Battlegrounds

The system somewhat leads to the question of why WoW’s randomized battlegrounds are even important. After all, if the goal is to pick the ones you want to take part in, why join random at all? And the answer is quite simple: rewards. With the changes to WoW in Legion, the only side that gets any rewards is the winning one. And the winning one only wins the rewards if they joined through the random battleground matching. This is extremely important because it means if you pick and choose the ones you want and join them through the “Specific Battlegrounds” option, even if you win, you don’t get anything. This is arguably a bit backwards from how it should work, such that it should be rewarding the winners no matter how they entered the battleground –disincentivizingthe manual choices altogether promotes more use of the random function (and therefore gets more players active in maps they otherwise might not play much, if at all), but it comes at the cost of player convenience and options.

Effects on Battleground Selection

Despite being able to block out up to two battlegrounds from the random queue, it appears that all are about equal when it comes to getting into one. There don’t seem to be any that have an overwhelming number of players excluding them, so a great aspect of this is that if there’s some you really like, the system doesn’t have much of an impact, if at all, in keeping you out of them.

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