Transformer Online Game First Look from ChinaJoy 2016

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Following with Overwatch and LawBreakers, another Mecha MMOFPS Tranformers Online is vying for our attention. Developed by Tencent Games, the new title is based on the official IP by Hasbro and it has been showcased on the ChinaJoy 2016 as we previously reported. And now we get more gameplay footage about this game. Check it out.

The current demo version only has 8 available Transformers. What makes it exciting is that Autobots and Deception seem able to fight together in the same team. The game modes is varied from Team Deathmatch, Energon Battle to Knife Fight, and in the future Tencent Games is going to add anticipated AI bots and team PVE modes.

 What' s more, the game has a unique talent system which is different from Overwatch and LawBreakers. You can allocate talent points to specialize a charater like League of Legends.

The first beta test will go live this week. And now there is no word for an overseas launch.


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