What’s the Worst Hero Power in Hearthstone?

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It’s the general consensus among the Hearthstone community, and has been for quite a long time, that Warlock has the best/most useful hero power in the game. Being able to draw extra cards has always been a strong mechanic in competitive card games, even at the cost of life, because it helps prevent you from running out of gas and gives you more options to respond to or create threats. This is why cards in Magic: the Gathering like Sign in Blood are almost always played in constructed formats (at least when they were legal in Standard).

So if Warlock’s Life Tap is considered the best, then what is the worst hero power? This one is a little more varied with different players thinking different hero powers are the worst. Listed below are the three that I think are the worst in the game.

1) Warrior –Armor Up!


I think that Warrior’s hero power is the worst in the game by far because it doesn’t really affect the board at all when you use it. It’s purely defensive and basically all it does is stall the game and keep you alive so you hopefully can do something else later. You can’t kill minions with it. You can never kill your opponent with it. Shield Slam (deal one damage to a minion for each armor you have) is a staple in most Warrior decks, but that doesn’t negate the fact that the power itself is weak. I’d much rather deal damage to something, draw extra cards, equip a weapon, or summon a minion. Whenever I Armor Up! on turn two, I feel like the turn has been wasted.

2) Shaman – Totemic Call


Speaking of summoning minions, the second worst hero power in the game is Totemic Call. Summoning a minion at will on turns when you have nothing else to do is pretty good (for example I think Paladin’s Reinforce is actually one of the better powers), but the problem here is that Totemic Call is unreliable. It’s a random Totem which means you don’t actually know what you’re going to get. There are four potential Totems you can summon – Healing, Searing, Stoneclaw, and Wrath of Air Totems. When you use Totemic Call you’re basically just rolling the dice on which you end up summoning. Oftentimes you’ll be hoping for a certain type of Totem but receive one that is completely useless to you at the time. Although there are many things that work with the minion type “Totem” in the Shaman class, the unreliability of this hero power makes it bad.

3) Priest – Lesser Heal


Like Armor Up!, Lesser Heal is a purely defensive hero power which ranks it near the bottom of the list in terms of usefulness. It’s a little bit better than Armor Up! is though because it can be used not only to restore health to your hero, but also to keep minions from dying. There are some instances where healing a minion before using it to attack an enemy minion will allow yours to live while theirs dies. There are also cards like Auchenai Soulpriest which turn it into an ability that can deal two direct damage to anything on the board and course Northshire Cleric which can help you draw cards using Lesser Heal.

New Hero Powers?

Something I have been saying Blizzard should add to the game for years is new hero powers. And I don’t just mean new heroes that have different powers from ones currently in the game, but that every class should have a second hero power to choose from when creating your deck. This would add more customization and variety to the game. I’d like to see every class get a new, completely different, hero power that can be chosen during deck construction. For example, Priest should have Lesser Heal and then a power that has nothing to do with healing at all. You’d only be able to use one or the other during a game, not both.

Blizzard has already tinkered around with hero powers with cards like Justicar Trueheart and Sir Finley Mrrgglton but these cards either expand on a current hero power or allow you to choose a different one from the current pool of existing powers. They aren’t actually new.

One of Hearthstone’s biggest criticisms is that the game is too simplistic and there is not enough variety in the meta. An addition such as this would effectively double the number of viable decks for each class. Do it, Blizzard!

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