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Nexon M and Big Huge Games launched the “Great Leaders” update for DomiNations today, adding five of the greatest minds in history, with each leader offering new skills to enhance players’ armies and defenses based on that leader’s life achievements. The Great Leaders Update also adds Alliance leaderboards to the massive 100-player World War campaigns, and brings localization support for Italy and Turkey.

The Great Leaders update introduces the University, a new upgradable structure where Great Leaders can be consulted for their wisdom. Each Great Leader offers knowledge of different skills with both passive and active bonuses. Players can conduct research at the University to expand and unlock each Great Leader’s skill trees to help advance their civilizations.


DomiNations’ multiplayer experience will also receive Alliance vs. Alliance leaderboards to track stats during World War campaigns, spotlighting top leaders and spurring competition between Alliances in the game’s 50-vs-50 wars. DomiNations has also added support for Italian and Turkish languages. To celebrate, two of the Great Leaders hail from those nations: Leonardo da Vinci and Suleiman I.

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