The Top 5 Games That Feature Gambling in Game

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When it comes to video games, there are a few that take mini-games the next level, by creating a casino or gambling games within the game. When it comes to gambling in-game, you could do even better than your opponent by taking a look at an advanced blackjack guide, so you know the ins and outs of strategic card games, and playing blackjack which can give you an advantage when you’re playing in-game. We’ve put together a list of the top 5 games that feature gambling in game.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Once you enter the tavern in Skyrim, you can access a range of different tavern gambling games. Although this game mod is available, there are a few conditions to play such as – you and you opponent must have at least 10 gold coins, you are in a tavern, and your opponent is not a child or a beggar.


There are various gambling games that you can play when it comes to the Tavern games, including Lotteries, The Battle of Heroes (a game of luck and strategy), Dice Jack, Prophet’s Dice, The Daedra Challenge and more. Skyrim has been one of the most successful games ever, and is even getting remastered for console in order to supports different mods and to host a range of graphical improvements.

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