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MU: Origin is a 100% Real-time mobile MMORPG, featuring fast paced easy levelling, endless levels and contents. MMOsite Writer Daniel had a precious chance to talk with Webzen about the upcoming MMORPG mobile game. (D: Daniel W: Webzen)


D: MU Origin is clearly a promising mobile MMORPG, how do guys see the current shape of the mobile game industry, can it be taken seriously?
W: Mobile games are moving from asyncronous to syncronous gameplay. You will see more real time games coming our way. People love interacting, competing, and teaming up with real people. MU Origin tried to bring all these aspect to the table. We hope MU Origin can be in the forefront of the next game that will shape the mobile game market.

D: A decisive factor in mobile MMORPGs is the way the controls work, how did you manage to create functional controls and how does the auto-hunting feature work exactly?
W: Our primary focus was on bringing PC MMORPG experience to mobile providing best of both worlds. We wanted to cater to gamers who prefer manual gameplay. With an MMORPG, controls require accuracy. We decided control pad was a better fit compared to touch screen because it can provide better experience on a mobile device. We also wanted to cater to the other end of the spectrum, gamers who prefers auto-play. You can choose to use the auto-play function and it will convineniently walk you through story , daily, and target quest, and hunt in dungeons, colosseum, endless tower, and arena.


D: Is there an actual endgame content for MU Origin, and does PvP gain more attention than PvE?
W: One of the greatest point of MU Origin is that the contents are endless. From PvP to PvE there are so many things to do and will keep players attached to the game. Players will strengthen their characters through PvE and compete to test their abilities in PvP. In MU Origin, PvP isn’t just a simple arena where players fight each other one on one. There are many different PvP elements in-game in which players can challenge to reach the top of the rankings.

D: The three classes look quite promising, will there be more?
W: Yes, a new class named “Magic Knight” is expected to be released in late 2016.


D: Was it a difficult task to implement all the usual MMORPG functions into a mobile game, like the auction house?
W: It’s always challenging to bring PC experience to mobile. Amongst all, auction house was one of the biggest challenges we faced. Our goal was simple. A stable, bug free auction house to provide convenient and secure system for trading on a mobile device. Players can sell surplus of items and reinvest in what they need. We take extra steps to make sure auction house is working as intended.

D:We have heard the sad news about the official launch’s delay, is it just a minor technical difficulty?
W: Yes, the game was ready for launch but we decided to push the launch to perform additional tweaks  on usability and game balance from the feedbacks we’ve received during soft launch. We didn’t want to leave any stones unturned.

D:Lastly, do you have any top-secret information about the delay of the official launch? Are we talking just a few weeks, months or perhaps a more significant delay?
W: We are aiming towards early to mid third quarter for the offical launch.
D: Thank you for answering our questions and we are looking forward to taking this mobile MMORPG’s official release on a test drive.

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