18+ Mobile MMORPG Azera: Iron Heart Will Be Released in 2016

By hatake Date: Jun 21 2016 Views:

Webzen revealed lineup for 2016, including MU:Legend, Lightfall, C9 Mobile, Azera Mobile and more. Recently, Azera Mobile has made some progress. The studio has just announced that Azera: Iron Heart will be released on the mobile devices in the latter half of 2016.

Azera: Iron Heart is developed based on the PC version of 18+ MMORPG Azera. Maintaining the hot features and popular storyline, Azera: Iron Heart will provide an immersive game experience and real time competitive gameplay with tons of film-level 3D CG videos, massively PVP and RVR contents.


As far as we know, Azera: Iron Heart has already been tested several times internally. Interested players please stay tuned.


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