The Surge Shows You the Near-future Dystopian World at E3

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By raphaelDate: Jun 17 2016 Views:


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The Surge is the newest sci-fi Action RPG set in the near-future from developer Deck13, this year’s E3 they has brought a dystopian world based on a worst case scenario for Earth to all gamers.

CREO was set up to reverse the detrimental atmospheric effects of global warming until something in CREO went horribly wrong. You as the player must use the exo-suit and a plethora of make-shift weapons and armor upgrades to survive. Slice and smash deeper and deeper into the mysterious mega-corporation to discover what happened, and how you can stop it.


Feeling the trailer too short and not satisfied? Wait for the launch in 2017 on consoles and PC!

For more game news at E3 2016, please go to MMOsite E3 Page


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