[Hello MMO] TOP 10 Must-Play MMOs for May

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This May has witnessed some brilliant MMOs coming out with notions or entering into tests. Some of them has walked into launch, some are close at hand and some are in development with notions, but every one of these will catch your eyes. If you are looking for new MMOs for a try, check this Hello MMO out. Riders of Icarus, Overwatch, HeroWarz, Revelations Online, we get you the hottest ones in May, if this is not enough please join the Hall of Gamers: Discuss games and everything in IMGmaer General Game Group, ID 216464. MMOsite and IMGamer have latest news and game events prepared for you!

World of Warcraft Legion

Amazingly we have a CBT for World of Warcraft Legion, but due to NDA we can only wait for the final day to play the Illidan (Demon Hunter).


As once a leading game WoW has been through many expansions, but the player numbers of WoW has been falling these years. Blizzard wants to turn it over by bringing in new expansion with new features. The legendary weapon system meets the wills of players for having a Orange-colored gear, as well as bringing back some famous weapon model such as Ashbringer. Also WoW is pushing Illidan out as a new class to recall veterans and attract newbies, just as they have done with Pandaren and Death Knight. As for me, Illidan is worth my time and I think WoW need a remake to get up-to-date to let us stay longer.


It is a still long run to August 30th, but luckily we will have the Warcraft Movie next month. Maybe there will be further CBTs before the launch, don’t miss it when the chance knocks on your door. Also you can check some of the features in this post by Mimiron, get some warm-ups for the Legion.

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