Top 5 Whispers of the Old Gods Cards

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5. Master of Evolution

Whispers of the Old Gods Cards

As a 4/5 for four mana, Master of Evolution has pretty average stats for its casting cost. Think of him like a Chillwind Yeti but with an incredibly powerful Battlecry ability tacked on. Although the Evolve mechanic relies on a good deal of randomness, the fact it transforms a minion into one that costs more usually means it will get stronger. Evolving a minion that is heavily damaged, or no longer useful are just a few scenarios where Master of Evolution can benefit the user. The fact Master of Evolution is a Shaman card means you can transform totems created with your hero power so he doesn’t even require any other cards to “combo” with.

4. Mire Keeper

Whispers of the Old Gods Cards

Mire Keeper is a strong card because it provides a 3/3 body while also helping to ramp you. With some of the strongest 10-mana cards Hearthstone has ever seen being part of the Whispers of the Old Gods set, ramp is more important than ever for Druids. Mire Keeper also helps ramp up into the next card on this list. On the other hand, if you don’t necessarily need the mana crystal, his alternate ability creates another minion for you. There’s never really a situation in which you’d be unhappy to see a Mire Keeper in your hand since he provides value in a myriad of scenarios. But why choose one when you can have both effects? Combo Mire Keeper with Fandral Staghelm, another Druid card that could have easily made this list.

3. Call of the Wild

Whispers of the Old Gods Cards

I’d go as far as saying Call of the Wild is a broken card. On its face it initially might not seem that bad considering it costs eight mana to cast but think about what you’re actually getting for that eight mana investment – a 5/2 beast with Charge (Huffer), a 5/4 beast with Taunt (Misha), and a 2/4 beast that gives all your other minions +1 attack (Leokk). In other words you’re getting 12/10 in power/toughness across three bodies with a Charge, Taunt, and minion-buffing effect. For comparison’s sake think of it like a Kor’kron Elite (4/3 with Charge that costs four mana), Evil Heckler (5/4 with Taunt that costs four mana), and I guess a Warhorse Trainer (2/4 that buffs Silver Hand Recruits with +1 attack and costs three mana) although that is actually worse since it only effects certain kind of minions while Loekk. That’s 11 mana worth of value right there, except better because as I already mentioned Leokk buffs all minions with +1 attack and Warhorse Trainer only buffs Silver Hand Recruits, and Call of the Wild only “costs” one card to play compared to three cards being necessary to come close to its effect. Now it’s easy to see how broken Call of the Wild truly is.

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