MMOsite Morning Call: Weekly Cosplay Highlight [May 9th]

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Good morning, dear MMOsiters. Another new week has come, are you ready for the work now? Before you start your work, why not take a coffee break and enjoy some excellent cosplay work? This week I will show you some fantastic works including characters from League of Legend, Attack on Titans, Naruto, Kantai Collection, FATE/StayNight, etc. Hope these pictures can bring you a good beginning of this week. If you are cosplay lover, you can send your cosplay works to our email:, perhaps your work will be shown at our Morning Call next week :) Enjoy!

Hatsune Miku


Darkstalkers: Morrigan​                      Hatsune Miku

Re:Life in a different world from zero: エミリア


Soni-Ani:Super Sonico the Animation

the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil: Izayoi Sakuya


Katarina                      Hatsune Miku

Fate/stay night: SaberLily


Fate/Grand Order: タマモキャット                       One Piece: Shirahoshi

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