Top 5 Best 10 Mana Cards in Hearthstone

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10 mana is a lot to invest in just one card in Hearthstone. That’s your entire turn condensed down into playing just one card so you need to be sure you get as much value as possible out of it. Although this class of cards includes some of the strongest in the game, playing one at the wrong time can backfire disastrously. With only a handful of 10-cost cards in all of Hearthstone, we’re looking at the top five strongest.

5) Pyroblast


Ah the classic 10 damage to the face for 10 mana, a good way to start off the list. The dreaded Pyroblast used to cost just eight mana but was very clearly overpowered at that lower cost, so Blizzard nerfed it to 10 mana awhile back. It is still quite powerful and one of the best 10 mana cost cards in the game. Many matches have been won with a top decked Pyroblast and it will undoubtedly continue to win games for people in the future.

4) Anyfin Can Happen


Thankfully I’ve only ever seen this card used against me once since Murloc decks aren’t all that prevalent in unranked, but when it was cast it blew me out. Popping an Anyfin Can Happen can be utterly devastating to your opponent. Getting back an Old-Murk Eye is already eight damage charging at your opponent’s face. Add in some Bluegill Warriors and maybe a Murloc Warleader and Grimscale Oracle or two and it’s possible to throw 20+ damage at your opponent in the same turn you cast it. And you thought getting Pyroblasted was bad? At the very least, you’ll force your opponent to deal with a full board of beefed up Murloc’s on their next turn or die. Anyfin Can Happen can easily end games and that is what 10 mana cards should do.

3) Varian Wrynn


When you play a minion that costs 10 mana, you need it to significantly affect the board the same turn you play it, otherwise it can just get removed by a kill spell and you wasted a turn. Varian Wrynn is one of the few minions that can help save you when things are looking grim. A 7/7 body that draws you three extra cards is pretty good but the second half the ability is what pushes him into contention for best 10 drop – any minions you draw go directly onto the battlefield. This means that depending on the heart of the cards, you can get a lot more value from playing Varian than the 10 mana you invested into him.

2) Mind Control


One of the most annoying cards in the game. Also one of the best. Mind Control is not only a “kill spell” for any minion, but it gives you control of that minion permanently. Like other cards on this list so far, Mind Control can single-handedly win you the game depending on what you target. Oh that’s a nice Tirion Fordring you played last turn. I think I’ll take it! I once saw someone with six life play Ragnaros, the Firelord as their only minion, only to have it Mind Controlled and lose the game next turn. Unlike the card of the same name in Magic the Gathering which is an enchantment that can later be removed to regain control of your creature, you can’t get a Mind Controlled minion back in Hearthstone. You’ll have to kill it!

1) Deathwing


In my opinion Deathwing is the best 10 drop in the game for a variety of reasons. As I previously stated, 10 cost minions need to affect the battlefield immediately. Deathwing fulfills that requirement by killing everything with his built-in Wrath of God effect. Even if he ends up getting killed the next turn, the board wipe effect of his Battlecry might alone be enough to turn the tides of the match or at least save you for long enough to stabilize from a lopsided board position. The downside of Deathwing is that you also need to discard your hand, but considering he costs 10 mana, Deathwing is a late game card and you likely won’t have many cards left in your hand when you cast him anyway.

Best case scenario you destroy a board-full of your opponent’s minions and now have a beastly 12/12 staring him down. Worst case scenario you destroy a board-full of your opponent’s minions and force him to spend mana and a kill spell next turn to deal with Deathwing. Still not too shabby. Let’s just hope that spell isn’t a Mind Control…

Honorable Mention: N'Zoth, the Corruptor


Honorable Mention goes to N’Zoth, one of the new legendary minions in the recently released Whispers of the Old Gods expansion set. N’Zoth has a ridiculously strong Battlecry ability that can theoretically fill your board with powerful minions. How would you like to summon a free Chillmaw, Cairne Bloodhoof, AND Sylvanas Windrunner all for a measly 10 mana? Technically, it’d be possible (though admittedly unlikely). The point is you’re getting much more than 10 mana value out of casting N’Zoth, the only question is how MUCH more value. Even getting just one of the aforementioned cards and a couple lesser Deathrattle minions back from your graveyard would make N’Zoth well worth it. This is why he will be one of the best 10 drops in the game.

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