ArcheAge: Inactive Name Resets Coming on May 10

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If your characters in ArcheAge is under level 40 and haven't logged into the game since October 5th, 2015, do remember to login the game before May 10 if you don't want to lose your character's name, as the ArcheAge team is going to release all the inactive names on May 10th for new players to use.


If your name is released during the name reset, you'll be able to choose a new name the next time your character logs into ArcheAge. If your name hasn't been taken since then, you'll be able to get it back in a heartbeat! If it was taken, you will have to choose a new name.


Meanwhile, the existing players who want to change their names can try the new Character Name Change Service, which will become available on May 10th. The service will cost you 1,400 credits. You can find more on the official announcement here.

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